Lorraine Kelly reveals big change after taking the Queen's advice

The TV presenter was inspired by the monarch

This week I have been following the example of the Queen who was in Edinburgh speaking to experts on climate change.

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It's always hard to give the Queen a gift as she really is the woman who has everything, but she was genuinely delighted when local children gave her a present of two beautiful rowan trees.

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WATCH: Lorraine Kelly follows the Queen's advice

It's part of her fantastic "plant a tree" initiative known as The Queen's Green Canopy to mark her 70th platinum jubilee next year.

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The Queen arrived in Edinburgh in an electric Landrover and with her usual shrewd wisdom said that "we have to change the way we do things".

Lorraine with her dog Angus

I don't know about you but when Her Maj makes that sort of statement you do what you are told!

It really made me think what I can do to help the planet, so I've been doing my bit by scattering "bee bombs" in a wild part of the garden to give insects (and most especially our decline bee population) a place where they can thrive.

It's so easy. You just scatter these little balls of seeds on cleared soil where you think the bees might be happy.

You don't have to dig a hole or water them or look after them. It's just like magic.

The presenter has been scattering 'bee bombs' in her garden

You throw your bee bombs here and there, and soon lovely wildflowers spring up. They look beautiful, and the bees, butterflies and other insects love them. It could not be easier.

If we don't save the bees then we are in big trouble, and I'm so delighted by the amount of young children and teenagers who completely understand that this is a real crisis, and who want to help.

So I'm going to follow the advice of our very own "Queen Bee" and change the way I do things and trying to make a difference.