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Al Roker powers through challenging but adorable moment on Today

The Today weatherman met his biggest fan

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Hoda's Morning Boost took an adorable turn as they invited two-year-old Justin Gunter Jr.. on the show. 

After finding out that Justin was a huge fan of the way Al Roker says "Sunday Sunday" when he presents the weather, the Today team invited Justin and his parents onto the show to surprise him by meeting Al himself. Yet it seemed the two year old was more than a little bit starstruck. 

Toddler obsessed with Al Roker gets to meet him in Studio 1A

Al came on set and gave the toddler a big hug, before handing him a toy dinosaur. Immediately, Justin was in awe of Al in the adorable moment. 

"I want to hear the sound", Justin said, in reference to his favorite catch phrase. Al responded: "Do you want to say it with me?" which the two year old affirmed.

Yet when they tried to get him to say "Sunday Sunday" with the Today anchor, things didn't quite go as planned. As they counted down to saying it, Al's voice boomed through the room, saying the famous phrase, yet Justin didn't say a word.

"Let's do it together, shall we?" said Justin's mom, yet he seemed to have gone shy at the last minute. Upon trying again, the toddler remained silent, but fortunately everyone could see the funny side of things.

TODAY -- Pictured: Al Roker Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb on Thursday, December 14, 2023 -- (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)© NBC
Al Roker with fellow hosts

"Justin's thinking 'I'm no trick pony! I don't perform on your command'", said Al as everyone laughed at the adorable moment. 

Suddenly though, it seemed Justin had a change of heart as he yelled "Sunday Sunday" and everyone in the studio roared appreciatively. 

When they tried to get him to do it again though, he had some terms and conditions: Justin would only say it again if mommy and daddy said it first.

MIAMI, FL - NOVEMBER 16: Sheli Muniz attends The Miami Book Fair at Miami Dade College Wolfson - Chapman Conference Center on November 16, 2017 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Johnny Louis/WireImage)© Johnny Louis
Sheli Muniz brought her son on the show

His mom Sheli Muñiz, an anchor with NBC 6 in Miami, was more than happy to oblige - as was his dad, Justin Sr., which led the child to again say his favorite catch phrase.

Hoda asked the question on everyone's minds: is he just always saying "Sunday Sunday"?

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"He really was, and that's why we just started filming it, because we realised on the days he wasn't saying it, he was asking for it", Sheli explained. 

"I caught myself YouTubing 'Sunday Sunday Al Roker' and I couldn't find anything so that's why I started recording initially. And then we had this compilation of all these videos and felt we had to do something with it."