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Mary McCartney carries on late mum Linda's passion for meat-free lifestyle with new vegetarian cookbook

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Mary McCartney is publishing her new book, At My Table - Vegetarian Feasts for Family and Friends, to, in her own words, "promote vegetarianism". The photographer, who is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney and the late Linda McCartney, and sister of fashion designer Stella, has been a vegetarian all her life, and along with her dad and sister, she is an avid supporter of the Meat Free Monday campaign.

Mary McCartney pictured at Kate Moss Topshop X launch last year

Her enthusiasm for a meat-free diet comes from her late mum Linda, who persuaded Paul and their four children to adopt the vegetarian lifestyle. Linda McCartney Foods is still a thriving business today, and Mary regularly consults for the company on product development, packaging, photography and PR."Mum was really passionate and would say to people, 'Stop eating that rotting flesh'," she says. "I love her for that."

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Mary shares delicious vegetarian recipes on her new website P For Peckish

Speaking to The Telegraph about her new cookbook, which is her second after 2012's Food: Vegetarian Home Cooking, Mary says: "I'm promoting vegetarianism, and a lot of people think it's fussy and takes too long and you need lots of exotic ingredients. "The 45-year-old aims to show that cooking without meat needn't be complicated. "I don't ever get the time to go to specialist shops. And I presume a lot of people don't want to faff about with that.

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Mary's raspberry and almond smoothie, recently shared on P For Peckish

"There's that thing when you go to make something and go, 'Ah, I don't have pomegranate syrup...' So I try and make the ingredients stuff you can get at a normal grocery shop. "The featured recipes range from new creations to old favourites that she used to cook for her mum, such as cheese soufflé. Her father's signature drink, a version of the margarita, also makes its public debut.

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Pea and watercress soup is featured in Mary's new cookbook

"His margaritas are really good. They're like a traditional margarita, but he puts in a squeeze of fresh orange juice. That way you don’t need any sugar or glucose like agave or a syrup. "Mary shares a glimpse of her delicious and healthy recipes for free at her recently-launched blog, P For Peckish. At My Table: Vegetarian Feasts for Family and Friends is on sale now.