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2 minutes with Michelin-starred chef Nathan Outlaw

Chef Nathan Outlaw shares his new book, Home Kitchen, and tells Ella Walker about his death row meal

Nathan Outlaw

Nathan Outlaw, chef, restaurateur and all round lovely bloke, is back with a new book, Home Kitchen. Written with nostalgia, home cooking and his two children in mind – how one day they’ll head off into the world, to university or college and will have to feed themselves – it’s a catch-all book, designed to cover everything you need to know to survive and eat well. And no, it's not just seafood.

We caught up with Nathan briefly to grill him on the truly important stuff… EMBED END Instagram


Your ultimate death row, last night on earth meal, would be…


After all these years in the kitchen, you still can't quite master…

I’ve been making bread since about the year 2000, and every day it’s different, and it puzzles me why it does that.

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Your favourite store cupboard essential has to be…


The kitchen utensil you can’t live without is…

My filleting knives, I’ve got a big collection of those.

If you get hungry late at night, the first snack you’ll reach for is…

Cheese on toast.

When it comes to diet or full fat, you'll drink…


Preferably your eggs would be…


Your favourite childhood dinner was always…

My mum's toad in the hole.

Last night for dinner you tucked into…

A salad with hake and a herb butter.

And your takeaway of choice is…

Any kind of Asian food.

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Nathan Outlaw’s Home Kitchen (David Loftus/PA)

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Home Kitchen by Nathan Outlaw is published in hardback by Quadrille, priced £20. Available now. Photography by David Loftus.

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