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Here's how much coffee the Friends characters drank over 10 seasons

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We all know the Friends stars loved their coffee, but we never knew exactly how much until now. One truly dedicated fan of the sitcom has re-watched the entire show – all 236 episodes – to clock up how many episodes Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, Joey and Ross drank over ten years, and how much it may have cost.

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The group were daily visitors to Central Perk with much of their time spent catching up on the famous orange sofa, so it was inevitable that they would have sipped on a lot of coffee over a decade. And Twitter user Kit Lovelace has calculated that the group drank 1,154 cups between them, with Phoebe the biggest coffee drinker of the group.

The kooky character, played by Lisa Kudrow, drank 227 coffees on the show, closely followed by Chandler with 212 drinks. The next biggest caffeine addicts were Monica, who drank 198 cups, Joey with 191 cups and Ross, who apparently drank 188 cups of coffee over the 236 episodes. Rachel drank the fewest coffees throughout the show - a total of 138 cups - which may be due to the fact that she was often the one serving drinks in her job as a Central Perk waitress.

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Not content with calculating how many coffees each character drank, Kit also worked out how much they may have each spent. They worked out that a cup of coffee probably cost around $1.50 based on a bill Monica receives in The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant, so with a 20 per cent tip (information taken from The One with Unagi), the total spent on coffee is $2,077.20 combined for all six characters. Phew!

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