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These designer-inspired lattes will take your caffeine fix to the next level

These lattes look almost too good to drink

designer lattes
Chloe Best
Chloe BestLifestyle Features Editor
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If you've always wanted to get your hands on the hottest designer handbag from Gucci or Chanel but don't quite have the budget, we've got the next best thing… kind of. One Instagram account is serving up designer-inspired lattes decorated with the logos of some of the world's most popular fashion brands, and they are seriously impressive.

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Instagram account Designer Lattes has taken inspiration from the likes of YSL, Hermes and Burberry with its coffee creations, along with streetwear brands such as Supreme, Nike and Adidas. The cocoa-dusted drinks have been photographed next to their designer counterparts, showing just how true-to-life they are.

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Designer lattes has created coffee art inspired by designer labels

Other coffees on the account include Wonder Woman designs, a colourful recreation of Commes des Garcons highly coveted Converse trainers, and a latte emblazoned with the words: "I am love".

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The page appears to have been created by the website and Instagram account, Coffee 'N Clothes, which has close to 300,000 followers and is entirely dedicated to staying "stylishly caffeinated". A brief on the website reads, "If one thing you love is good, then two things you love must be better. This, friends, is the principle that undergirds our most beloved combinations, like democracy and freedom, and Nutella and waffles. Well, someone finally thought to combine two of our other longstanding obsessions: clothes and caffeine."

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The page was created by website Coffee 'N Clothes

Unfortunately it appears the designer lattes may be almost as hard to get hold of as the latest designer handbag as Ryan Glick, the barista behind the site, is based in New York. However you could put your own latte art skills to the test, or challenge your local barista to make you one!

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