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The spookiest Halloween food ideas from Pinterest

Ten terrifying Halloween ideas you need to try at home

Healthy halloween snacks
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10 severed fingers on bun a (1)

Halloween is nearly here, so time to get crafty in the kitchen and make some creepy treats to toast the spooky season. Trying to prepare foods that will both gross out and impress can be extremely frightening, so we've rounded up some impressive offerings from Pinterest for creating simple yet jaw-dropping Halloween-themed delights.

Some of the edible masterpieces feature bleeding brains, ghostly strawberries and vampire kisses. And if you're gluten or dairy-free, there's no need to miss out because we've included some ghoulish snacks for you too. Check out these Halloween horror plates for inspiration...

Severed fingers on a bun

These look almost too gory to eat! Despite looking creepily realistic, these 'severed fingers on a bun' are surprisingly easy to make. Just cook your hot dogs as normal, then cut out a chunk to create a nailbed and knuckles. A squirt of tomato ketchup adds the perfect finishing touches.

2 Fruit Monsters

Halloween apple monsters

Add a playful twist to your Halloween menu with these apple monsters, that are admittedly more cute than they are creepy. Featuring apples, strawberries, peanut butter and sunflower seeds, you'll be hard pushed to find a more nutritious Halloween snack.

1 Clementine pumpkins

Clementine Pumpkins

For a truly healthy Halloween treat that is quick and easy to make, these clementine pumpkins are a must! All you need is a bag of clementines and a marker pen to draw on the pumpkin faces.

This is a fun one to get little ones involved with too; let them show their creative side by drawing on the clementine skins before they peel them away to eat. 


1 Halloween brain a (1)

Human Brain

What could taste better then munching into a gory brain for Halloween? With this fairly simple recipe, it will take more brain cells munching into it than creating it. The red velvet, butter icing and fondant combined with the honey dripping blood on top is set to be the sweetest and tastiest brain ever to be tasted.

3 chocolate covered strawberry ghosts a (1)

Strawberry Ghost

 Have no fear, the strawberry ghost is here. With all the sweets around it can be hard to keep healthy this time of the year. These little treats are enough to cleanse the palate and great for decoration. Take a look at how to create them here.

2 Monster cookies a (1)

Cute Monster eye cookies

 Not so scary but very sweet and cute! This adaptable recipe can make any kind of little monster cookies to suit your taste buds. This is a fun and easy one for the kids as you are able to buy most of the ingredients. Check out how to make these here.

3 Halloween roasted vegetables

Halloween roasted vegetables

A crafty way to encourage children to eat their vegetables, these Halloween-themed roasted sweet potatoes, beetroot and potatoes are a great addition to any meal on All Hallows Eve. Get creative and carve the vegetables into witches' hat, ghost and pumpkin shapes before roasting in the oven.


5 Halloween freakshakes a (1)


We definitely chose the treat over the trick with this one. This freakishly bloody milkshake is one for the sweet tooths out there. Filled with white chocolate, strawberry sauce, jam doughnut, strawberry ice-cream, squirty cream and red sprinkles, this is sure to be a favourite amongst the kids.

4 Frozen Boonana pops

Frozen Boo-Nana Pops

This is a great way for them to satisfy their sweet tooth without any artificial colours or additives to worry about. These Frozen Boo-Nana Pops are simply made with banana, white chocolate and mini chocolate chips (which can be swapped for dairy-free alternatives if necessary).

8 rice krispie treat pumpkins a (1)

Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

Halloween wouldn't be the same without pumpkins, so it is even better when they are made tasty and sweet. The little Rice Krispie nibbles taste delicious, especially with the added Rolo and M&Ms. Take a look at this website for more.

6 Halloween witches brew cocktail a (1)

Witches Brew

 This witches' concoction is great for getting the party started and is perfect for the first drink of the night. The raspberry liquor mixed with black vodka is great for hitting the spot and fits in perfectly with the dark, gruesome theme to your Halloween party.

4 Vegan gluten free mummies a (1)

Vegan and Gluten Free Mummies

 Catering for all, these vegan and gluten free hot dogs are just the ones to hit the spot. The spooky little mummies are great for dipping into ketchup to help add to the gory theme. Adding just a little bit of crunch as you take the head off, the sausages are wrapped in rice paper.

5 orange jack o lantern

Orange Jack O' Lantern fruit bowls

For another fun fruity Halloween snack, these Orange Jack O' Lantern fruit bowls are guaranteed to be a hit. Hollow out and carve a face into an orange, before filling with an array of colourful berries or fruit of your choice.

Photo: Frugal Coupon Living

9 Bloody Mary Halloween cocktails a (1)

Bloody Mary

 Although it's not one for the kids, if you are throwing an adult Halloween party for your friends this Bloody Mary will be sure to get spirits lifted. Garnished with the some freakishly gory decorations, this drink will definitely give you a kick in your stride. Click here to check the recipe out.


7 Baileys Vampires Kiss shot a (1)

Vampire Kiss

Be the true vampire this Halloween by drinking the blood of one. This sweet blend of Baileys, chocolate, raspberries and vodka will be one to keep the guests sweet. Be sure to make plenty of these treats, as the vampires are known to come back for more. Check the recipe for this and other vampire shots here.

Halloween pinterest recipes t (1)

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