10 things that happened on Bake Off this week that you may have missed

The bread week spoilers you knead to know about!

All rise for bread week! Bread week is famously one of the most feared weeks by contestants - and for good reason. Not only is the challenge of baking bread difficult for even the most skilled of bakers but bread is also master-baker and judge, Paul Hollywood's speciality. It is for these exact reasons that tense old bread week is one of our favourites - and Tuesday night did not disappoint. So who proved themselves and who crumbled under pressure? Whether you simply missed the third week of bake-off or you were too busy drooling over the breaded delights to pay full attention, we have rounded up the top things that you may have missed that you KNEAD to know about (sorry).

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1. The judges twinning in matching shirts

We all love anticipating what extravagantly patterned shirt Noel Fielding will wear on bake off each week but this week we were in for a real treat. The opening of GGBO saw not just Noel but also Sandy, Prue and even Paul twinning in a Noel approved shirt - a fun-print cowboy-style shirt with leopard print detail. We can't help but think that the bake-off bunch looked like an 80s pop band - Bake Off Christmas number one, anyone?

2. Bread puns glore 

One thing you can rely on when watching Bake Off is the constant use of baking puns and there's no other week that is more pun-filled than bread week - if you can catch them. From Amelia's declaration that she "kneads" to "prove" herself, to Alice telling herself: "I need to calm down… I KNEAD to calm down," and even Micheal's confession of "bread dread" there were plenty of bread puns to go round in this episode - but who's keeping score?  

3. Henry's adorable obsession with keeping his clothes clean

Quickly solidifying himself as a fan favourite due to his adorable uniform of a tie, shirt and jumper every episode, Henry is the proving to be our clean-cut geeky crush of the series. This was further confirmed in this episode when he had a minor stress about keeping his clothes clean during the signature bake: "This charcoal is a nightmare because it goes on everything and I don't want to get it on my jumper". He continued: "If this gets on my clothes I'll be very unhappy." We're happy to report that Henry's jumper stayed very much pristine, no coal disasters here! 

4. Noel's entertainment show

It's widely believed that Bake Off is a wholesome and calming show, but watching bake-off can be an anxiety-inducing experience with under-proved bakes and soggy bottoms left, right and centre. That's why Noel and Sandy's skits in between the nitty-gritty baking bits are a much-needed release. This week we saw Noel showcase various baking-themed skills from juggling dough, acing baseball hits with a rolling pin and creating music playing the wooden spoons… we love a multi-talented legend.

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5. Viewers outraged that Amelia doesn't like cheese 

Fashion designer Amelia shook the public during bread week when she declared her hatred for cheese. Amelia announced her controversial opinion whilst explaining her share and tear bake. Many viewers are blaming her exit on the show due to this offence, with one Twitter user joking: " Don’t come for the cheese because dairy always wins," whilst another declared: "Amelia you deserve this; sincerely, cheese." All jokes aside, although we are sad to see her go since it's diary week next week perhaps it all worked out for the best.

6. Priya's relatable mantra on pizza

...And whilst there are some opinions that the nation appears to disagree on, there are others that create a sense of unity - in this case, the love of pizza. Priya's declaration during her tear and share signature that: "I could eat pizza five days a week" fast became a meme during Tuesday night's bread week, with one Twitter user declaring: "Well in my eyes she is the winner for just saying that.." Although we could argue that pizza seven days a week could be just as easily demolished. We salute you Priya, pizza lovers unite.

7. Helena blaming Paul for her overbaked share and tear

We've been witness to many mishaps in the years of Bake Off but never have we seen contestants blame their mistakes on Paul Hollywood himself. In a hilarious outburst after Paul branding her share and tear bake as over baked, Helena blamed her overbaking on being afraid Paul would think it was underbaked. She stated that this was why she left it in longer, therefore claiming it to be Paul's fault. We admire Helena's inventiveness on this one but we're not quite buying it - and shock, neither did Paul.

8. Micheal gets the FIRST Hollywood handshake of the season

This is not a drill! We got the FIRST Hollywood handshake of the season - and on bread week! Micheal produced his handshake-worthy bake during the tear and share signature challenge meaning his red-flowered masterpiece impressed the bread baking expert himself. Yet we still don't know what was better, witnessing the first Hollywood handshake or Micheal announcing "My mums gonna cry" when he got it - how cute?

9. Henry gushing over Paul when he wins the technical 

He may have announced that "bread can take a hike" during the episode but nothing was as funny as his reaction after winning the technical challenge. After presenting his burger and bap bake, Henry gushed that Paul "looked me deep in my eyes and he said nice things" - don't worry Henry we'd get lost in those baby blues too.

10. Helena battling her way through bread week with Laryngitis

What.a.trooper. Helena managed to breeze through bread week with flying colours whilst also battling Laryngitis. We all know what it's like to feel ill at work but imagine it being filmed - hats off to you, Helena. Although, we definitely think Helena's new husky voice goes with her spooky aesthetic - and if that was her baking on a poorly day we can't wait to see what spooky-themed treats this Halloween enthusiast bakes once shes recovered.

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