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Stacey Solomon's tidy utensil cupboard has blown us away – see her new kitchen hack

The famous mum just loves tidying

Stacey Solomon's tidy utensil cupboard has blown us away – see her new kitchen hack

Loose Women panellist Stacey Solomon is giving her friend, internet cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, a run for her money with her home organisation skills. The former X Factor star shared more video clips on her Instagram Stories on Tuesday, revealing her clever storage hack for her kitchen utensils [*quickly runs to tidy own kitchen cupboards]. Laying out her brand new utensils on her worktop, Stacey wrote: "My utensils have come. I only had a spatula and giant spoon so this is like Christmas too. They are going to live in the pan cupboard on shower clips. Naturally."

WATCH: Stacey Solomon on her love of tidying

Then Stacey gave us a peek inside said pan cupboard and wow, it is beyond tidy. Just like her cunning trick for hanging crisp packets from shower curtain rings, the star has once again employed the rings for storing her ladles, spatulas and tongs.

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stacey utensils

As if that wasn't enough, we also got a glimpse of the inside of the cupboard door, which amazingly features hooks for her garlic crusher, can opener, pizza cutter and more. Is there no end to Stacey's love for neatness?

stacey cupboard

The mum-of-three wrote: "This makes me so happy. If it makes you happy, go for it." We're sure her many fans will be copying her latest kitchen hack in their own homes.

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stacey mrs hinch

Stacey and her pal Mrs Hinch

Just days earlier, Stacey wowed her Instagram fans with her secret kitchen plinth drawer where she stores her extra crisp packets. The partner of presenter Joe Swash requires this extra crisp storage due to her very tidy aforementioned crisp cupboard.

We can't wait to see what's next…

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