James Martin suffers the ultimate kitchen disaster at his restaurant

The celebrity chef poked fun at the situation

Sharnaz Shahid

James Martin may be on cloud nine with the reopening of his restaurants, but the This Morning chef certainly suffered a huge setback this weekend.

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Taking to his Instagram page on Sunday, the 48-year-old revealed one of the restaurant chefs experienced quite the kitchen disaster whilst preparing what looked like vegetable soup or sauce.

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Although it's not known how the accident happened, there was a huge explosion of food which went everywhere – from the sides of the walls and the floor to the whole worktop space. "No words needed," James teased in the caption.

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The hilarious snap received a flurry of comments, with many sympathising with the chef. "Oh bless him, I hope you were not too hard on him, things happen," remarked one follower, while another added: "It's happened to us all in kitchen life..."


The chef shared this snap from his restaurant

It's been two weeks since James proudly reopened one of his restaurants – The Kitchen at Chewton Glen in Hampshire – and it seems business is busy than ever! "I literally am working seven days a week," James told Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on Monday's This Morning. "I did 104 hours this week hence the hair and the beard's a bit of a mess so I do apologise. I'm literally, as soon as I finish this with you I'm back for service this afternoon and tonight."

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"I'm working seven days in the restaurant and it's going great guns," he added. Ruth then asked whether customers were not turning up after making a booking, to which, James replied: "Fortunately a few times but not to the extent of some of the other people I have heard about as well.

"The worst case scenario is that my friend had 96 people booked for lunch and only four turned up. So 90 odd people didn't even turn up. You can imagine running a business like that. It's very difficult in the hardest times."