Nigella Lawson has the best hack for your leftover tomatoes

This trick will intensify the flavour your tomatoes

We love a good cooking hack and the lovely Nigella Lawson has shared a top tip for turning tomatoes into a delicious sweet treat.

The star cook shared the clever trick with her Instagram followers – and the best bit is it doesn't actually involve any cooking at all, although you do need an oven. Confused? Read on.

Nigella posted: "Excess Tomato Alert*: #RecipeOfTheDay is Moonblush Tomatoes; you put them in a hot oven, turn it off, and let them sweeten and intensify in the residual heat overnight. *Not that you need a glut of tomatoes to make these, but it’s a particularly helpful recipe if you have."

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Sounds brilliant! Nigella's hack was liked by tons of her followers, with one writing: "This is one of my favourites from your book and I've been doing it with absolute joy every time for years."

Another told the star: "I make these all the time - never a wasted tomato in our house." One fan revealed the recipe make a lovely tomato sauce.

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The full recipe is on Nigella's Instagram, which she describes as her 'homespun version' of Sunblush Tomatoes. She advises halving cherry tomatoes then sprinkling with herbs, sugar, salt and olive oil before putting them in a hot – turned off - oven. All you do then is leave the tomatoes in the oven overnight.

Nigella's kitchen hacks are proving popular with her fans right now – the star recently shared another great recipe for Gin & Tonic jelly. The 60-year-old cook shared a snap of the incredible, booze-fuelled creation sitting on a serving platter, decorated with white currants.

One fan enthused: "Jelly - the ultimate comfort food. Particularly when laced with a little gin." Another tagged their friends and joked: "While people are mastering banana bread... I think we should master this."