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Nigella Lawson sparks foodie debate with Dawn French - find out why

The age-old debate is back again!

Nigella Lawson event
Chloe Best
Lifestyle Features Editor
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Nigella Lawson caused controversy on social media over the weekend after reigniting a debate that has long divided food fans - whether jam or cream should be put on a scone first. The celebrity chef shared a photo of three of her favourite recipes for afternoon tea on Twitter - including a picture of a scone with cream on before the jam.

The post soon ignited a debate among fans, many of whom believed that it’s wrong to put cream on the scone first. Among them was Dawn French, who lives in Cornwall and clearly adheres to the Cornish tradition of putting cream on top of jam. The comedian wrote: "Nigella, darling girl, fair be it and all that, but seriously… jam (or red goo) goes first… NO EXCEPTIONS. Please. Thank you."

Nigella Lawson cream tea© Photo: Twitter

Nigella Lawson sparked debate after sharing a photo of a scone with cream on first

Nigella soon replied, telling Dawn: "I bow to your Cornishness and general fabulosity, and send adoring love, but I am not a believer in constraining rules: we all take our pleasures as and when we can." To which Dawn added: "Agree wholeheartedly my queen. But. I venture to suggest that one is never constrained when one is doing what is ultimately the right thing…"

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There has long been discussion over how afternoon tea should be served, with the Cornish typically adding jam first followed by cream, while people of Devon follow Nigella’s method of placing jam on top of cream.

Cornish cream tea© Photo: iStock

Cornish cream tea is typically served with jam first then cream

Prince Charles even waded into the debate during a visit to Cornwall in the summer, when he noticed a young boy eating a scone topped with cream first and then jam, which is how people in neighbouring Devon serve theirs. "Have you got that the right way round?" Charles quipped as he passed the boy.

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Not only was Charles following Cornish tradition, but also royal tradition, as it has been revealed that cream tea in Buckingham Palace is always served with jam first. Former royal chef the Queen and Princess Diana, revealed what the royals do in March. Taking to Twitter to answer the contentious question, Darren wrote: "Jam first or clotted cream first? Jam first at Buckingham Palace garden parties!"

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