Amanda Holden's most unusual food habits revealed

Find out the BGT judge's dinner quirks

Nichola Murphy

Amanda Holden has previously revealed that she doesn't believe in diets and instead eats everything in moderation. But there are some dining habits you may not expect from the Britain's Got Talent judge – including her favourite £2 canned wine!

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We've rounded up some of Amanda's most unexpected eating quirks, some of which she shares with her BGT co-stars Ant and Dec

Her love of gin


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Amanda is partial to a drink while cooking dinner, which isn't unusual in itself, but it seems that's not the only time of day she likes to sip on a cold gin and tonic!

While whipping up dinner with her two daughters Lexi and Holly in June, she revealed: "Gin is my absolute favourite drink, it gets me through everything."

The mum-of-two hilariously added that she drinks it during "bath time, story time, breakfast, lunch time, tea time, reading time, opening the fridge time, cooking time, put my shoes on time..." In that case, she must have impressive multitasking skills!

Cooking with goggles


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Amanda has the best hack to keep her eyes from smarting while cooking onions – by wearing goggles! 

The strange (yet genius!) choice of accessory was revealed by her daughter Hollie, who secretly filmed her mum masked up in their family kitchen as she created a French onion soup.

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Jokes aside, her attire was clearly useful as the dinner was a success! "It's turned out pretty well for someone that never ever cooks but now I have the time and to be honest, I am loving it," she wrote. 

Favourite BGT dinner


Ever wondered what Amanda Holden and the rest of the BGT stars eat following a long day of filming? It turns out they get together for a debrief after the cameras stop rolling, and their go-to food isn't the gourmet meal you may expect.

"After the Britain's Got Talent auditions, me, Piers Morgan, Ant and Dec will prop up the bar back at the hotel. We order cheese and pickle sandwiches and lots of wine, and talk about the day," Amanda told the Daily Mail in 2009. "Sometimes, it's really hard to wind down – you just want to talk about it – so we have our cheese-and-pickle debrief."

The classic childhood sandwich is quick and easy to make, so perfect for a late-night snack!

Vegan wine...from a can


Who said wine had to be served from a bottle? The 49-year-old revealed one of her new favourite wines is Hun, and it costs just £2 for a can – bargain!

"I'm totally embracing cooking from scratch. Tonight it's a Mexican and I have got a vegan wine on the go which is brand new called Hun. It tastes delicious and it's only 69 calories. This is not an ad!" she explained as she prepared dinner.

The brand's wine varieties include Sauvignon Blanc, pale rosé and low-calorie rosé with a touch of bubbles, the latter of which appears to be Amanda's choice.

Rallying for her favourite sweet


Amanda loves a sweet treat just as much as the rest of us! The Heart Radio star's fondness for Marks & Spencer's famous Percy Pigs even saw her making a desperate plea to her fans on social media, asking them to back her in her fight to prevent them from being "labelled in the obesity campaign".

Sharing a photo of herself with her arms raised next to a giant Percy Pig, Amanda wrote on her Instagram Stories: "I think we've all coped with enough this year.

"Keep #Percypig out If it! SAVE #Percy from being labelled in the #Obesity campaign @marksandspencer."

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