Zoe Ball's daily diet: what the TV presenter eats for breakfast, lunch and dinner

The Strictly: It Takes Two host eats a healthy diet with the odd treat

Sophie Hamilton

Zoe Ball adores Strictly just as much as we do and us superfans love tuning into It Takes Two on weekday evenings to hear all the latest ballroom gossip.

From her early days on children's TV to her many presenting roles and now as a Radio 2 breakfast host, we feel like we've grown up with the down-to-earth star.

Zoe always looks fantastic on telly with her healthy physique and glowing skin – so what does she eat in a day to stay in such good shape?

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The mum-of-two recently revealed how she's combatting weight gain during the menopause through her diet. Taking to Instagram, Zoe said:

"Been struggling this past year with my menopause weight gain & water retention and all sorts. Trying to jumpstart a healthier routine. Have been learning lots about supplements & teas & diet & ways to combat menopause madness - will keep sharing any good finds... "

Here we take a look at Zoe Ball's daily diet…


What does Zoe Ball eat for breakfast?

The star starts her day in a nutritious way and mixes up her breakfast choices.

Zoe posted a snap of a fantastic breakfast made for her by her children on Mother's day, showing toast with avocado and poached eggs on top – a protein-rich dish. "Spoilt by both my monkeys today, both home and away," she wrote.


Zoe's very healthy Mother's Day breakfast

We also know that Zoe likes healthy cereal for breakfast, as the presenter has posted snaps of bags of granola in the past. She also shared a photo of tubs of spiced oats with fruit compote. Yum!


What does Zoe Ball eat for lunch?

Zoe's lunches sound equally healthy. In a previous interview with The Telegraph, the star revealed a typical lunch would be, "Chicken salad. [I] try to avoid sandwiches unless they're the only thing I can get my hands on."


A post shared by Zoe Ball (@zoetheball)

The TV personality also got into the sourdough trend during lockdown, posting a picture of a loaf she made. Zoe wrote: "Sourdough third time lucky! #sourDos #sourDonts ...Curly Sue is happy now #jamandbread #MasterBaker #fatzo #hobbshousebakery #themother ***hums Hovis theme to self***."


The lovely Zoe Ball

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What does Zoe Ball eat for dinner?

Supper round Zoe's house looks pretty delicious! Look at this incredible paella that the star posted on her Instagram. "Surprise paella party," wrote the star.


Zoe's impressive paella supper

She's also a fan of pizza, sharing a snap on her social media. "Delicious takeaway pizza from @ditchlingbull and #ozark season 2 BOOM."

Pudding-wise, we know the presenter is partial to a slice of cake. Her 50th birthday cake, which was made by The Bearded Foodies Kitchen, looked too good to eat thanks to its vanilla buttercream and vanilla sponge filling.


One of the most beautiful cakes we've seen

Zoe is also getting prepared for Christmas and showed off her baking skills with a photo of her Christmas Cake mixture. She told fans: "Stage one Xmas cake while watching Bake Off."

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What does Zoe Ball eat for snacks?

Zoe recently told Woman and Home about her love of almonds for a quick and healthy snack.

She said: "On most sets, the crew always seem to have some delicious tempting treats nearby - I find that if I've got a packet of almonds around, a handful is a great snack - I'm now offering them to everyone!"

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