Tom Daley's daily diet: The Olympic athlete's breakfast, lunch & dinner revealed

The British diver leads a very healthy lifestyle

It's no surprise that Olympic gold medallist Tom Daley lives a very healthy lifestyle. We were pleased to find out, however, that the British diver also allows himself treats now and again, such as a cheeky Chinese takeaway or a loaded breakfast burrito.

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Tom films a lot of his life with husband Dustin Lance Black and son Robbie, uploading the content onto his popular YouTube channel. Some of his most-watched videos include his 'What I Eat' series, giving an insight into the athlete's favourite dishes.

His diet varies a lot depending on whether he has competitions coming up, and he has been sticking to a strict program in preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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Here we take a look at what the famous athlete eats in a day…

What does Tom Daley eat for breakfast?

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Tom said: "I always start my day with at least one glass of water, normally two, and if you've got lemon juice squeeze some in there as well".

He also enjoys a cup of coffee, but his sounds a little different than your regular latte. The athlete has been known to add collagen and creatine powder into his morning drink, with creatine helping to increase muscle mass and boost strength.

Tom adds collagen and creatine powder into his morning coffee

His breakfast can vary depending on his training schedule. While preparing for the Tokyo Olympics Tom shared his three-dish breakfast, consisting of four scrambled eggs followed by a bowl of porridge and a serving of Cheerios.

However, during lockdown Tom gave an insight into a more relaxed morning, where he showed husband Lance whipping up a delicious breakfast burrito that included onions, potatoes, cheddar cheese, mozzarella, eggs and salsa, yum!

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What does Tom Daley eat for lunch?

The athlete tends to make his lunch as veggie-heavy as possible, and has previously shared a quick and simple recipe online to help get in your five-a-day. Tom filmed himself making an easy lunch consisting of roasted peppers, artichokes and sundried tomatoes mixed with couscous and topped with tuna. It sounds like the perfect summer dish and we will definitely be trying this out for ourselves.

Just like the rest of us, the busy father-of-one doesn’t always have time to cook, so will also eat leftovers from the night before when at training. He is a big fan of Marks and Spencer's chicken stir fry, as it has a good mix of vegetables, protein and carbohydrates.

Tom Daley makes sure to eat lots of vegetables for lunch to keep fit and healthy

What does Tom Daley eat for dinner?

We loved seeing Tom enjoy a cheeky takeaway for dinner during lockdown. In his vlog, the star said: "We decided to have our first ever takeout delivery in lockdown, and we went for Chinese." We don’t blame you, Tom!

However, when training, he makes sure to keep his meals a little cleaner. In a recent video, the star made a delicious-looking Asian dish that featured salmon, rice, grated carrots, sprouts, shiitake mushrooms and soy sauce.

Tom Daley and his husband often make dinner at home

What does Tom Daley snack on?

Due to his heavy workout schedule, Tom makes sure to have lots of snacks throughout the day. Things like bananas, protein bars and popcorn seem to be his go-to foods, and he will sometimes accompany them with an extra cup of coffee to keep himself going.

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