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Nigella Lawson sparks controversy with her latest vegan recipe – see why

The Cook, Eat, Repeat chef shared her vegetable taco dish on social media

nigella lawson

Oh dear, Nigella Lawson's latest recipe on her Instagram page appears to have caused a little hoo-ha amongst her followers.

The Cook, Eat, Repeat chef posted a photo of her sweet potato tacos, which looked colourful and delicious but several of her fans were quick to point out a problem with the dish.

Nigella wrote: "#RecipeOfTheDay is Sweet Potato Tacos with avocado and coriander/cilantro sauce and a tomato and pear relish, and I commend it to you. (And, should it be of interest to you, it also happens to be #vegan)". 

However, her fans were very concerned about the tortillas themselves, which don't appear to have been toasted.

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One wrote: "It looks delicious, but those corn tortillas desperately need to be toasted." Another told Nigella: "That's not a taco, have no doubt u cook good but me as Mexican I'm telling you no and no ...and the tortillas need to be heated up." Eek!

Unfortunately, there were more comments on the tortillas, with a third fan saying, "Corn tortillas need a little cooking. They look like cardboard." We wonder what Nigella thinks about the reaction.

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There were plenty of compliments for the star though, as one follower posted: "Looks yum nigella! Super fresh!" and another, "This looks beautiful, anything with sweet potatoes has my attention."

Over on Nigella's bio page, she explained her soft taco tortilas. "Given the choice between a crisp, curled-up taco-boat and the softshell wrap approach, I go for the latter every time," she wrote.

"I don’t wish to be too dictatorial about how you eat these tacos, but my advice is this: line a warm corn tortilla with shredded lettuce, top with both sweet potato and gherkin wedges, dollop on avocado sauce then spoon some tomato and pear relish over the top." 

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An example of the more common crisp taco shell

Whatever you think of Nigella's tacos, top marks to the cook for posting a plant-based recipe in Veganuary – something her vegan followers are surely appreciative of.

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