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Amanda Holden's pronunciation of 'wasabi' has fans in stitches - watch

The TV star has baffled fans

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Oh, we love this story. It's up there with the time Nigella Lawson floored us with her pronunciation of the word 'microwave', which she says as 'micro-wav-ay'. We're still not over that one.

Now, in similar style, actress and Heart Radio star Amanda Holden has caused utter confusion with how she says the word 'wasabi' – the Japanese horseradish paste that accompanies sushi.

In her new E4 show The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle, Amanda holds a dinner party for her famous friends and introduces her nan Myrtle to sushi and wasabi. However, Amanda doesn't say 'wasabi' like most of us do – she pronounces the word 'wos-a-bee'.

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WATCH: Amanda saying the word 'wasabi'

So who's saying it right, us or Amanda?

There was much talk about this over on Instagram, with one of Amanda's followers posting: "Wassabee? It's a little flying thing that collects pollen and makes honey," and another saying, "Wasa bee?"

Fans of Keith Lemon, who is rumoured to play the lovely Myrtle, also had a few things to say on Amanda's wasabi moment. "Did Amanda just pronounce Wasabi as “Wosabee”?!!!!" asked one.

Another wrote: "THIS. IS. EPIC. But please can we talk about the way Mandy says Wasabi… am I saying it wrong or is she?!" One fan replied: "She's probably saying it the way Japanese say it...cause she's all posh n that."

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Who's correct - the general public or Amanda?

We had a look on Google and the correct pronunciation seems to be something between our version and Amanda's, so maybe we're all saying it incorrectly!

If you haven't seen The Holden Girls yet, have a watch as it's absolutely hilarious. We can't wait to see who her next guests are.

This week saw Take That's Howard Donald, GMB's Ben Shephard and actress Catherine Tyldesley join the pair for supper. Myrtle is rather keen to meet Amanda's fellow BGT judge Simon Cowell so let's hope he makes an appearance.

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