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Stacey Solomon's sister shares her top 5 hacks for an organised fridge

Jemma is known as 'The Label Lady'

stacey jemma solomon

TV star Stacey Solomon has made a name for herself as the queen of tidying– but did you know her sister Jemma is also pretty nifty when it comes to home organisation?

Dubbed 'The Label Lady' for her love of labelling, Jemma has almost half a million Instagram followers of her own.

She's just joined forces with Bosch to share her very helpful fridge organisation hacks, which you can find below.

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WATCH: Stacey Solomon shows fans her organised fridge

Jemma says: "Having an organised fridge and knowing exactly what I have in it, at all times, makes my daily routine much easier. From ensuring that the kids always have fresh and healthy snacks on hand, to shopping more efficiently, to using food in date order, my fridge plays a central role."

Tidying the fridge is one of those arduous jobs most of us put off, so it's no surprise that 38% of Brits admit to having a disorganised fridge, and confess that this increases the amount of food they waste at home.

Google searches for 'fridge labels' have increased 90%, and for 'fridge storage containers' 70% in the last year alone.

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stacey solomon sister

Sisters Stacey and Jemma

Jemma's 5 fridge organisation hacks:


Jemma says: "Honestly, labelling spaces, tub and pots in your fridge is the best way to keep foods in order and makes finding and putting away items much easier. The labels are durable and waterproof. They can be washed by hand and hold up to prolonged use. When things look pretty, it just motivates you to keep it looking nice. It definitely works for me!"

Use the use-by date

"It’s easy to forget when you’ve bought something or when it’s likely to go off. I always organise produce in order of dates by putting the oldest foods at the front or top ensuring they get used first, helping reduce waste."

Tubs, Pots & Organisers

"I love using tubs and drawer dividers to separate foods. These are especially great for raw meats - stopping spillages and leaks in the fridge and preventing contamination to other areas!"

Now let's talk Lazy Susans

"There is nothing lazy about these Susans - in fact, they are your new best friend! Not only practical, because with one spin you can see all your jars and condiments, they are quite fun to use!"

Love the food prep

 "If I see a whole melon in the fridge, I think, 'That’s too much effort, I’ll cut it up tomorrow.' I’ve changed the way I unpack my shopping. I immediately cut up fruit and divide it into tubs. The Bosch VitaFresh drawers are perfect for food prep – they maintain an optimal temperature and keep food fresher for longer."

The Bosch XL fridge range is available at from £1099.

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