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Supermodel Karen Mulder has regained consciousness and is recovering well, her sister Saskia has revealed. The 34-year-old had been fighting for her life since taking an overdose of sleeping tablets at the beginning of last week.

Her younger sibling, who had a part in the film The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio, was speaking at The British Comedy Awards at the weekend.

"Karen is doing OK," the actress was quoted as saying. "She is not in a coma. We've been in contact and I have spoken to her a lot on the phone. We have all been supporting her 100 per cent."

"It is not as bad as everyone thinks," she continued. "Do you really think I would be at an awards ceremony if it was? Like any sister I would be at her side. Karen will get through this. She is looking forward to spending Christmas with the family."

The troubled model was found unconscious on the floor of her Paris apartment by a former boyfriend who rushed her into hospital. She has fought a long battle against depression and spent five months in a clinic earlier this year after making claims - later withdrawn - that she had been abused by her father and by a member of the Monegasque royal family.

After a period out of the public eye, she re-emerged, apparently in great form and assuring well-wishers that she felt like "a new woman." It seems her demons returned to haunt her, however, but it is to be hoped that her current recovery will be a complete one.

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"It's not as bad as everyone thinks," says Karen's sister Saskia. The family is 100 per cent supportive, they've been in constant contact with Karen, and she's looking forward to spending Christmas with them, Saskia assured well-wishers at the weekend Click on photo to enlarge

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