Claudia, pictured in a YSL dress at a gala at New York's Met on Sunday, wants to pass her vast collection of designer clothes onto her four-year-old daughter
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Claudia converts heli-hangar into wardrobe for designer gear

16 MARCH 2009
While many women dream of having a walk-in wardrobe, Claudia Schiffer's gone one step further. The German model has such a vast collection of outfits from her 20-year fashion career she's converted a helicopter hanger next to her 5 million home into a storage centre for her clothes.

Climate-controlled and with separate wardrobes for different designers, the uber-wardrobe came about after Claudia's husband Matthew Vaughn suggestion the 38-year-old beauty needed a clear out.

"The heli-hangar was Matthew's idea," says the blonde beauty, who wants to pass her fashion collection onto daughter Clementine, four. "I have so many closets of Chanel in there, it's like a Chanel boutique."

The collection insured for millions includes a collection of couture Valentino, with a special spot reserved for the Italian-lace wedding dress the designer created for Claudia.

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