Kate and the man she calls 'Uncle Phil' have developed a warm friendship since first teaming up for the model's 2007-launched debut Topshop collection
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Topshop boss credited with guiding role to wild child Kate Moss

23 MARCH 2009
Their relationship is one of the most unlikely, even on a scene renowned for it's unconventional pairings. Kate Moss, something of a wild child of the fashion scene, has become close to the hard-working family man boss of Topshop, Philip Green.

Since they teamed up to produce Kate's first collection for the high street chain three years ago the billionaire businessman and his covergirl 'designer' have cultivated a genuine friendship. The 57-year-old magnate now treats Kate, who refers to him as 'Uncle Phil', as a slightly wayward daughter.

And the Croydon-born model appears to take the link very seriously. "Philip is the only man in her life with whom she doesn't play games," reveals a pal of Kate. "She's always on time if they have a meeting, which is not how she treats boyfriend Jamie Hince."

"She is completely honest with him about her partying and he loves to hear all those stories," the friend adds.

Sir Philip, who's worth 4 billion, gave Kate a 30,000 diamond bracelet to thank her for her work on the Topshop line and occasionally lends the globe-trotting beauty his private jet to travel to modelling jobs.

For her part, Kate who is also pals with Philip's 17-year-old daughter Chloe presents him with DVDs, books and music she'd like him to listen to.

The business tycoon, whose 50-year-old wife Tina lives in Monaco for tax reasons, is even credited with influencing Kate's decision to end her relationship with Pete Doherty. "He made it clear to Kate that he was no good," says the source, who adds: "She listens to him".

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