The doe-eyed French beauty pictured lensing the new commercial - worked with Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet to produce the French perfume house's new mini movie for the classic scent
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Behind the scenes look at Audrey Tautou's Chanel No 5 ad

16 APRIL 2009
Almost five years after Nicole Kidman and director Baz Lurman collaborated on the first Chanel No 5 mini-movie, French beauty Audrey Tautou has teamed up with Amelie filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jeunet for the next instalment.

The commercial which recalls the vibrant colours of Amelie - follows the doe-eyed actress as she keeps chancing across a handsome stranger, played by model Travis Davenport, en route from Paris to Istanbul aboard the Orient Express.

To the strains of Billie Holiday's hit I'm A Fool To Want You, Audrey's character first encounters him aboard the train when he is captivated her perfume. Later, drawn by the scent, he lingers outside her cabin. Then, in Istanbul Audrey misses a riverboat only to photograph it later from another ship, and in doing so captures an image of Travis on its deck.

A crew of 250 spent three weeks filming the two minute, 25 second ad. It was shot last May on location in Istanbul, train stations in Nice and Limoges, central France, as well as in a Paris studio. It hits the internet in full form on May 5 - 88 years to the day after Coco Chanel first introduced her legendary fragrance.

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