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Chloë Sevingy teams up with Jimmy Choo to showcase her favourite summer looks

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She's a fashion designer, actress and former model with a career spanning more than two decades, but Chloë Sevigny never goes out of style. The 41-year-old is currently starring in the Netflix original series Bloodline, but took time out of her busy schedule to share her favourite summer looks.While on location in Florida Keys filming the second series of Bloodline, Chloë teamed up with Jimmy Choo to team her own fashion picks with their spring summer 16 accessories.

Chloe Sevigny posed for the road trip-inspired shoot to show off her summer looks

Opening up about her fashion past, Chloë insisted she has always worn what she likes regardless of what anybody else thinks. She said: "When friends ask for advice on what to wear I'm always honest and tell them to wear whatever they are most comfortable in, what they feel sexy and confident in. "I think it's good to know your strengths and what shapes and colours work for you and run with that. Understated always works as well. "Her style undoubtedly influences many others, but Chloë admitted she looks to her past for fashion inspiration. She said: "Growing up in suburban Connecticut most of my influences were people I'd see around me, the rebels at school, the girls who were into alternative music, in clunky shoes and black mock turtlenecks, they had the bumper sticker for the back of the alternative station on the back of their Volvos, they were the crowd I wanted to roll with."

The actress and designer picked out her favourite Jimmy Choo accessories

The shoot featuring Jimmy Choo has a road trip feel to it, and it brought back memories of Chloë's favourite ever cross-country car journey.

She said: "One of my favourite road trips I took with my friend Tara Subkoff, her parents had given her their old car and we were driving it from Connecticut to Los Angeles. We had to rush because I was nominated for an Oscar and we had to make it in time. It was my first time seeing the South West of America and I was awestruck by the scope and beauty."

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