Christine Lampard's £35 Marks & Spencer flares have sent Lorraine viewers wild

Christine goes all 70s on us!

It's a new week and Christine Lampard has a fresh new wardrobe for her stint on the Lorraine show. Every day, we have been hugely impressed with the Irish's star's choice of clothes and Monday's show was no exception. The ITV favourite sported a pair of terracotta-toned flared jeans from Marks & Spencer and they cost just £35. Yep, you read that right! The distinctly vintage-style trousers were designed in a bootcut style and sat high on Christine's waist - a huge fashion trend that's showing no sign of going anywhere. If you want to copy Christine's exact jeans, you're in luck! There are currently ALL sizes available online. We loved how the mother-of-one styled them too; she added a lovely white check blouse by Topshop that's currently on sale for just £15 in the brand's mid-season sale. A fab outfit for £50? Amazing.

We loved Christine's rustic outfit

Christine has been covering Lorraine Kelly all summer long, and did the same last year too. Speaking about the pressures of working alone in an ITV interview, as opposed to being a part of panel like she is on Loose Women, the raven-haired presenter revealed to HELLO!: "It's more scary presenting by yourself because if something goes wrong, it's up to you to fix it."

£35, Marks & Spencer

"You can kill a couple of minutes talking to another presenter, so it's definitely more on edge when you are on your own. It’s certainly more stressful. But, saying that, Lorraine is such a well-oiled machine. Lorraine has everything so perfectly organised."

£15, Topshop

Speaking about her enviable style, the TV star is so modest. "I like relatively simple cut clothes. I go for classic rather than flashing anything too much."

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"I feel more comfortable to have my legs covered and parts of arms covered. I dress on how I feel. In terms of clothes, I work really closely with Angie Smith and have done for a long time. She is just fantastic, she gets body shape brilliantly. When you have a good mate who does that as a job, you are very blessed. You can say to her, 'Does this look rubbish?' and she says 'yes'! She's brilliant."

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