Amanda Holden reveals what her daughters really think of her 'skimpy outfits'

The BGT judge is known for her gorgeous, yet revealing, outfits

Andrea Caamano

Amanda Holden is known for wearing gorgeous and revealing gowns on television, and now, the 49-year-old has revealed what her two daughters, Lexie, 14, and Hollie, eight, really think about them.

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Speaking to Celia Walden, who is married to good friend Piers Morgan, in the Telegraph's Stella magazine, the Britain's Got Talent star revealed that her daughters aren't annoyed by her 'skimpy outfits', as Celia calls them in the interview.

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"What really annoys them is that I'm naked at home. Last night I went to say goodnight to Lexie wearing only my shower cap and she screamed, 'Mum! I'm on FaceTime! Why do you always have to be naked?'"

The star does hope that her two girls will learn one important thing from her, and that's body confidence.

"It's so hard for girls now, and if Lexie ever starts a sentence with, 'Do you think I look f…', I cut her off with, 'Do not even say that word in my house.'"

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The star wowed fans with her outfits during her time on BGT

Whilst speaking to her good friend Celia, who she spent time with during the summer as she holidayed in St. Tropez with her family, she also revealed the secret to her incredible figure - running four times a week and sticking to a healthy vegetarian diet.

The mother-of-two, however, doesn't believe in dieting. "I believe in being able to have that slice of cake," she tells Celia.


Amanda's outfits are always a talking point with viewers of the ITV show

As for the secret to her appearance, Amanda insists she has never had surgery but is open to it in the future. "As a woman, I have always shared sneaky things I do in terms of creams or covering roots, but at the moment I'm in a position where I can be honest, because I haven't had surgery," she says.

"When I do – because I probably will – I don't know whether I will tell people I have. But I think women are allowed a bit of mystery, aren't they?" --