How to find your perfect pair of jeans

Finding the perfect pair of jeans for your figure can be a challenge that is both frustrating and time consuming. As recent research from Tampax discovered that the average woman spends 288 hours in a lifetime shopping for jeans, Tampax Compak Pearl have teamed up with denim expert Donna Ida to offer tips on finding the most flattering fit for your body type.



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Donna Ida Thornton shared her top tips for finding the perfect jeans

Finding the perfect fit:

Boyish shapes:
Can wear most styles. Add some shape and interest with zips and details on back pockets.

Apple shapes:
Girls should look for plenty of stretch in a straight leg in a dark wash as they complement every curve.

Pear shapes:
Look for skinny jeans in a high waisted style – it elongates the leg and slims down the hip.

Long legs:
Look best in a mid to low rise to keep the waist at the right height, whereas petite girls look great in a high rise that accentuates the waist and elongates the legs.




Donna Ida Thornton has her own denim label 

Donna Ida's Denim Commandments:

Tip One:

If jeans go on easily, go down a size. Kicking your way into the legs isn't unusual, and the waistband should be snug. If you can fit two fingers down the back that's good, a whole hand is not.

Tip Two:
When buying jeans with super stretch, look for good quality denim that has great memory. The 'memory' is how quickly the denim springs back after wear. Buy them firm but not overly tight. If you have 'seam strain' down the legs, they are possibly too tight and this could damage the stretch.

Tip Three:
Look for white jeans with faux front pockets. If the style you choose has front pockets you can ask the tailor to remove them for a neater look.

Tip Four:
A curved, or pieced waistband, is ideal. This will be slightly higher at the back than the front and will curve into your waist rather than sit straight up.

Tip Five:
Read the care instructions. Most premium jeans are best washed COLD. That's cold and not 30 degrees. Any warmer and you are damaging the fabric.

To celebrate the launch of Tampax Compak Pearl, with new width-wise expansion, Tampax have teamed up with Jean Queen Donna Ida Thornton and vlogger Amelia Liana to help women find the #PerfectFit in all areas of their lives! Follow @Tampax on Instagram and Twitter, and take a look at some of Amelia Liana’s vlogs for more information.

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