DKNY erases all social media posts

The fashion world was shocked this week to discover that all posts on the DKNY Twitter account have been erased. However, rather than being a major social media mishap, it has been revealed that the deletion was on purpose, following the news that Aliza Licht, who was behind the brand's popular 'DKNY PR Girl' account, is leaving the fashion label.


The DKNY twitter page currently features no tweets

The fashionista, who gained the brand over 539,000 Twitter followers since she began tweeting for the label in 2009, will be pursuing other projects in media, as well as continuing to promote her new book Leave Your Mark.

"Since the launch and success of my book, Leave Your Mark, I have been traveling the world meeting with the community that has gathered through social media," she told WWD. "Their overwhelming response has encouraged me to pursue new opportunities in media."

Despite initial reports that she would be keeping her role as SVP of Global Communications at Donna Karan International, it has since been announced that she will be leaving the label altogether, following in the footsteps of designer Donna Karan who stepped down as chief designer earlier this year.

"Aliza has built an extraordinary community as DKNY PR Girl over these past few years with her truly authentic thoughts, messages and passion for her followers," added Caroline Brown, chief executive officer of DKI. "As such she has been critical to the growth of DKNY and a leader in social networks."

Work in progress. 9.16.15

Posted by DKNY on Friday, August 7, 2015

DKNY are rebranding their social media accounts

"We look forward to continuing the relationship with the community of DKNY PR Girl at @dkny now as she embarks on a new chapter," continued Caroline. "We are so grateful for Aliza’s many contributions to this company and support her in this new step in her own career."

With the news of Aliza's departure, all eyes have been on the label's social media accounts – and their Facebook and Instagram pages, which have also seen all content erased, both suggest that a rebrand is underway. "Work in progress," reads a caption on both pages, accompanied by a black and white image of a stylish woman crossing a New York street, taken by renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh in 1994.