Instagram has an exciting new feature

Instagram fans, rejoice! The people behind the photo filtering app have introduced a major change – users will no longer be restricted to a square shape when taking photos. This means you'll be able to upload portrait and landscape photos to your heart's content without having to zoom in on the photo or awkwardly crop out a friend.



Instagram has introduced new features in a recent update

The new update has already been praised by the app's millions of users, as it makes it easier to include different sized photos on your feed.

If you open a photo in Instagram it will still appear as a default square size, but a format button will now appear above the camera roll, allowing you to choose between squared or full-size images. The rest of the process remains the same, whether you want to add filters, include a caption or share it on other social media websites including Twitter and Facebook.

The news comes following research conducted by Instagram, which revealed that 20 per cent of uploaded photos had to be modified to fit into the square frame, with many users turning to a third-party app to resize images.

"For the average person, one in every five stories in their feed looks like it's natively supported in our app," Instagram product manager Ashley Yuki told The Verge. "Which is not great."

However, that's not to say the app plans to abandon its trademark square format any time soon. "Square always has been and will be part of who we are," read a statement on their Twitter account.

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