Meet our latest cover girl Alicia Rountree

HELLO! Fashion Monthly spoke to Victoria’s Secret model, restaurateur and tech entrepreneur Alicia Rountree about growing up in Mauritius, how she dealt with shyness and her plans to conquer the acting world...

In our March spring style special, the 30-year-old beauty, who dated actor Jude Law in 2014, tells us how her busy schedule gave her a lightbulb moment that lead to the creation of her new fitness app The Supermodel Ballet Body.

"I travel all the time," she tells us. "So I wanted to do an app that people could use when they’re away. It’s simple ballet moves that target your legs, butt, abs and arms – all in ten minute sessions that you can do in a hotel room or at home."

And it’s not just business that Alicia wants to tackle but the acting world too: "It’s tricky with acting because, obviously, it’s a lot of hard work, but coming from being a model and wanting to act, people always think, 'Oh it’s just another model who wants to act', you know?" I don’t want to be just the model-looking girlfriend in a romantic comedy. I’d love to [play] a superhero or get really fat for a role – I would love that."

So much more than a model, Alicia reveals both sides of the fashion industry: "You get bitchy looks from some girls (in the modelling world) but at the end of the day it’s not rocket science. It’s not that serious, be nice! I have a few really good friends who are models but I also have lots of friends outside the industry. I think it’s important to not be all fashion; not constantly talking about shoes and things like that."

Having already launched her open sandwich chain Tartinery in New York, the talented and smart Alicia has her eyes on the British market too: "I came back last summer to renew my visa for the States and it took three months, and then I just fell in love with London again. I think Tartinery would do well in London as I don’t think a concept like ours exists (here) yet."

Watch out world, we say.

The full interview appears in the March issue of HELLO! Fashion Monthly, on sale now.

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