Jessica Hart tells HFM about her rebellious streak and unexpected hobby

She's walked for fashion houses Berardi, Rag & Bone and Marc Jacobs. Now supermodel Jessica Hart talks to HELLO! Fashion Monthly about being a 'loose cannon', modelling for Victoria's Secret and her passion for BMX bikes.

Raised in a single parent household with her mother Rae and model sister Ashley, Jessica was a teenage rebel who bunked off school before she rocked the catwalk. After winning a modelling competition at the local shopping mall at the age of 13, the blonde beauty went on to conquer the fashion world, gracing the pages of American Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and L'Officiel.

  Jessica Hart spoke to HFM about being a "loose cannon"

In an exclusive interview with HFM the Australian-born model opens up about being a rebellious teen. "At the age of 14, even younger, I was a loose cannon. I'd run away and steal her car – I gave my mum hell. I wouldn't be willing to admit half of the things I did."



The model has a passion for BMX bikes

Now at the super height of her powers, Jessica who describes her younger self as "a tomboy, into Snoop Dogg" proves she hasn't quite banished the daredevil of her youth, revealing her current passion for BMX bikes. "So we (Jessica and her friend) decided to get on eBay and start buying old-school parts and building them. You should see me riding through New York, It's like, intense. And you don't have to wear a helmet. You've just got be really fast. It's not a smart idea."

The full interview appears in the January-February issue of Hello! Fashion Monthly – on sale 29th November 2016.

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