Robert De Niro and Benjamin Millepied suit up for new Ermenegildo Zegna campaign

Both men are pictured in turtleneck jumpers and suit jackets

Robert De Niro and Benjamin Millepied have suited up for the latest Ermenegildo Zegna campaign. The veteran actor was tapped by the Italian fashion house at the end of 2016 and appeared in his first advertisements earlier this year, looking dapper in a project titled Defining Moments opposite American Honey star McCaul Lombardi.

Now, in his second outing for Zegna, De Niro continues his style streak with Natalie Portman's dancer and choreographer husband Millepied, with both men posing in turtleneck jumpers and suit jackets.


"No, I had never met him before, so this was a treat," Millepied told W magazine of working with the Taxi Driver star. "He is someone I admire, and it was interesting to get to know him a bit. I got to talk to him about some of (the) things that I am interested in, like some of the work that he has done and the collaborations he's had. He had worked with (late director and actor) Elia Kazan, so I was very curious about that. We talked about the performing arts, we talked about film, we talked about acting - I am actually directing my first film next year."


Black Swan star Millepied was introduced to the brand by his friends in Paris and has already collaborated artistic director Alessandro Sartori on several projects. The Frenchman is a big fan of the fashion star's work at the label, explaining he has always taken notice of Sartori's "very elegant, Italian approach" to fashion.

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"There's a classic elegance to Italian suits and I have always appreciated what they make," the dancer added. "I think what Alessandro is going to bring to the brand is a modernist approach to both tailored suits, as well as ready-to-wear that is very comfortable and a very interesting approach to what I think is the future of clothing."

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