Katy Perry hires fan to design tour logo dress

The singer met Samantha Bolton at a meet-and-greet backstage on Monday


Katy Perry has given an unknown North Carolina designer a big boost after raving about her homemade dress at a concert in Kentucky. Samantha Bolton met up with Katy at a meet-and-greet backstage before Monday night's Witness: The Tour concert at the KFC Yum Center in Louisville, and stunned the singer with her stylish tribute.

The 26-year-old crafted Perry's tour logo on her dress using over 3,000 rhinestones, and the pop star was so impressed, she commissioned Bolton to make her the same dress and create one for her dog.

"I'm definitely going to make one for (Katy's teacup poodle) Nugget," Samantha tells Billboard. "I was sad I didn't get the delivery of my UPS package for the dog outfit I ordered before the show. I was supposed to get it two days before I left, but it was delivered to the wrong place. It would have looked like (the dress) with lips on the back and covered in rhinestones. I was hoping Katy would like it and Instagram it."

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Although the first dog outfit arrived too late to gift to the pop star at the show, Katy did post a video with Samantha and the dress on her Snapchat profile, and now the young designer is being flooded with requests for the dress from fans.


YOU MADE THAT?! I’m shook, that’s all ... best night EVER . Thank you for the best night @katyperry

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"I've found posts from Nigeria, Singapore... I've just been googling myself all day and writing it down. It's insane," Bolton marvels.

TMZ reports Samantha is in so much demand she is considering quitting her day job to become a full-time designer, and the dressmaker admits she is sticking it to her judgmental co-workers amid her unexpected fashion success.


Hey @jwujek if you need an assistant let me know 😉 @katyperry already approved 😝

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"Today at work, (I'm facing) people who think I'm crazy... (and) I'm like, 'All you b**ches thought I was crazy going all out and making these clothes for the Katy Perry concert. How about that?'" she laughed.

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