Stranger Things costume designer talks Eleven's wardrobe transformation

Eleven is played by Millie Bobby Brown in the popular Netflix show

Stranger Things costume designer Kim Wilcox has opened up about how the clothes have changed for the second season of the hit sci-fi show. The Netflix series burst on to screens in 2016, with creators Matt and Ross Duffer paying homage to the 1980s with their Emmy-winning show set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana.

The second season began airing on Friday, and Kim has explained how things have changed when it comes to core character Eleven  - played by Millie Bobby Brown, especially with her wardrobe choices.

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Eleven has undergone a wardrobe transformation

Fans will remember Eleven's trademark frilly dress teamed with a boy's jacket, which became an instant Halloween staple, but the outfit has been ditched this time around.

"Eleven's clothes for season two are really a reflection of this new person that's taking care of her and where that person would be finding clothes," Kim told TV Guide magazine. "So, they're not necessarily things that would reflect her personal taste, but they are put together in ways that she finds fun. She's a young woman who grew up in a very unusual situation... so for her, having different clothes to choose from is kind of fun. Like, how do you put them together and how many layers you put together. It doesn't always make sense the way she wears them, but it's a lot of fun for her."


Eleven actress Millie Bobby Brown at the Stranger Things 2 premiere

As well as returning favourites Winona Ryder, Finn Wolfhard and Gaten Matarazzo, among others, there are also a slew of new names that have joined the cast, including Power Rangers actor Dacre Montgomery as bad boy Billy.

"We haven't really seen this kind of character come to Hawkins before. We started looking back at old pictures of, like, Rob Lowe and Johnny Depp," Kim divulged. "A little bit of Bruce Springsteen. We were looking for, who is this very masculine presence that seems a bit more dangerous than we've seen before, and how is that represented in clothing? I like the old school denim-on-denim '80s look for that. I think it's very sexy. And we were really excited about having this guy have an earring."