Can you REALLY shop in Victoria’s Secret if you’re over 35?

HELLO!’s Leanne Bayley gave it a try…

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Victoria’s Secret I think of 20-something mega babes. Girls who opt for style over comfort, who like a fruity floral fragrance and watches the Kardashians on repeat. The Victoria’s Secret girl - who I have in my head - would happily send a photo of herself in (matching) underwear to a guy she met the night before. She’s the type of girl who’d get on Love Island without even needing a second audition, and she definitely doesn’t do Spanx. In fact, she only knows about ugly big pants because they were in Bridget Jones’s Diary, a movie she watched once when she was “little”.

The 20-something Victoria’s Secret shopper I have in my head is quite similar to the model we see strut her stuff on the catwalk. One who can eat pizza without putting on a pound - yep, not only is she graced with a 32DD chest, she also has a fast metabolism and a hint of abs, even though she “doesn’t really go to the gym much”. She also definitely has dimples and gets told that she looks a little bit like Kendall Jenner. Only prettier.

Alessandra Ambrosia leading the angels at the Victoria's Secret fashion show 2017

Me? This girl I’m describing is a world away from who I am. Sure, I’ve been in the shop - hell, I’ve even been to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show - but have I ever bought anything? Have I ever left with a huge pink striped bag I spent my hard earned cash on? No. I don’t know why; maybe it’s the overly sweet scent, the staff member at every turn, the huge photos on the wall of VS models giving their best femme fatale poses, or maybe it’s because I think I’m too old. I leave and head straight to a safe space with 100% cotton. Somewhere without leopard print stairs and chandeliers.

Leanne ready to take on her shopping challenge in the 'Angel suite'

But I decided to give Victoria’s Secret a whirl. Would I be able to find anything for me? Someone who, quite frankly, doesn’t get that excited about lingerie. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing any pictures of me in my undies (phew!) but be assured, I’m nothing like the Kendall lookalike I have in my brain.

I started first in the pyjamas section... of course I did. I mean, I love PJs. I definitely have more loungewear than I do going out clothes so this seems like the perfect place to start (and ease myself in gently). I obviously tried on the signature pair; the candy stripe. You will have seen these on Instagram - they’re a huge seller for the brand and I can understand why. They feel lovely, fit really nicely, and come in lots of nice grown up prints. I half expected unicorns, but I really enjoyed the stylish designs.

Silky and gorgeous, the Victoria's Secret pyjamas were a winner

On the subject of PJs, I almost went for a cool little romper PJ outfit - thinking it would be great for a summer holiday. It was very cute, but then I asked myself: “What if I need the loo in the middle of the night?” I realised then, the 20-something would never ask themselves that, and I moved swiftly along. I wish I’d bought it, though.

Romper for bed, anyone? VS has you covered (sort of) 

Next up, I decided the best thing would be to get a little insight into the brand and speak to a member of staff. I don’t know how many people are employed at Victoria’s Secret, but they’re everywhere, all eager to help with walkie talkies, ready to get whatever your heart desires. Autumn - yes, of course her name is Autumn - came to my rescue. With a lovely smile, and a really relaxed manner - she spoke to me like we were best friends. We started with a bra fitting in the Angel Suite (which is so luxurious by the way) and then she told me all about the vast bra designs Victoria’s Secret has. She was so knowledgeable I ended up buying the most perfect strapless bra - and who'd have thought that exists?!

The new Summer Angel bra is getting lots of love in online reviews

I also tried the newest release, the new Summer Angel Bra. The strapline for this lightweight bra (honestly, it’s light as a feather!) is ‘Comfortable. Sexy. Confident.’ This is definitely right up my street (what?!? I like comfort!), and a quick look at the comments online, I’m not alone. One user reviewed it, writing: “Why did I wait so long to give Victoria’s Secret bras a try! All these years I have thought that VS bras were only for young women trying to look sexy. For over fifty years I have purchased department store bras, thinking they would be best for me, but recently, I decided to give the perfect coverage bra a try. What a wonderful decision! It is absolutely the best fitting, most comfortable bra I have ever purchased! I bought three and will definitely be back.”

High praise indeed.

Next up: Did you know you can buy clothes at Victoria’s Secret? I certainly didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised to see a super cool leopard print skirt, a silver satin camisole, a nautical striped ruffle top and a polka dot dress. In fact, fashion star Rosie Fortescue has stepped out in this very piece. The prices aren’t cheap, but it looks very chic on and a direction I think the big bosses should continue with.

A chic camisole top 

This would look great over jeans and a cami, or on the beach over swimwear

Ruffle top of dreams - perfect to team with a pair of jeans

I don’t know what it is about Victoria’s Secret but there’s something about it that makes you want to book a gym class, even though I barely even run for the bus. But to do that I needed some chic sportswear. I decided to venture to Victoria Sport and I couldn’t get over how much I wanted to buy.

"I sweat glitter" sports vest

Sure, there are a lot of crop tops and cut-out tops for 20-somethings with zero percent fat, but there are also matching workout sets in gorgeous colour ways. There are zip-up hoodies in luxe fabrics - perfect for when you’re at home with Netflix on, while chomping away on a Snickers. And there’s a vast array of leggings. In fact, the Total Knockout Tight has some crazy technology that makes them fast-drying (for girls who really like to work up a sweat) and they’re super comfortable.

This is the perfect tracksuit, which just a touch of glitter

I’ve already mentioned the sweet floral scent which wafts around the shop, but before I left the shop, I decided to see if there was something more fitting for a 35-year-old who likes a grown-up scent. I tried Angel Stories Lights Off eau de parfum, and was pleasantly surprised. While it's quite expensive (£59.06), with notes of liquid amber and white patchouli, this isn’t a scent to scoff at.

So can a 30-something really shop in Victoria’s Secret? Yes, 100%. Granted, I’ll be leaving the PINK collection to the youngsters (too much neon hues and slogans for me) and as much as I’d love to parade around my flat in a silky robe, I might stick with my towelling dressing gown. As for the rest, you bet I’m heading back.

Members of the public can book in for an appointment with the Angel Suite totally free of charge by emailing

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