Exclusive: Gok Wan talks dressing for success and the ULTIMATE layering trick

“If you own it, then it’s the right look”

It’s official - the season of awkward dressing has BEGUN. We’re simultaneously shaking off out our umbrellas the moment we get to the office, but also cursing that we forgot our sunglasses when the sun *finally* make an appearance four minutes before the end of our lunch break. So where do you begin when shopping for pieces that will make you feel great, whatever the season, and whatever the occasion? We caught up with Gok Wan at the launch of this new WULI:LUU collection for QVC to get his top tips on feeling confident with your wardrobe...

Gok Wan knows how to make us feel great about ourselves!

Gok Wan on... listening to your gut when it comes to style

“It’s really easy, you’ve got to trust your instinct. So for instance, when you’re buying wallpaper, you wouldn’t invite all your girlfriends round to choose that wallpaper - you’ve got to do exactly the same thing with the clothes that you’re wearing. If you like it, you wear it!”

Gok Wan on... the best trick for layering

Well you have to remember, it’s all about making sure you’re not too cold or too hot - it’s about choosing fabric which are going to breathe. Also, layer up from the darkest colour on the inside OUT; it’s always more flattering on your shape.”

Gok names a shirt dress as his must-have item - and it looks like the Duchess of Sussex agrees...

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Gok Wan on... banning the word 'rules' from your fashion vocabulary

“Well actually, I think in the fashion industry, we shouldn’t have rules, because I think women have been told for so many years what they can and can’t do. So actually, your rules need to be governed by your taste. If you want to do double denim, triple denim, quadruple denim… you wear it, if you own it, then it’s the right look!”

Gok Wan on... his fashion hero item for women

“I think it’s probably got to be the shirt dress because it gives you a moment of uniformity, it’s very elegant, it’s very wearable, it suits every single body shape and I happen to have one in my brand new collection! It’s got everything you need to give you structure for your look.”

SHOP: £60, WULI:LUU for QVCUK.com

Gok Wan on... dressing for success

“Dressing for success is all about your inner confidence. So whether you are a mother or you are the CEO of a company, it doesn’t matter. Success has to be measured by what you want to achieve out of life. When you feel good about the clothes that you’re wearing, when you feel like you’re presenting yourself to the rest of the world, and you’re telling them YOUR story, then you will always feel very successful.”

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Gok Wan on... the key to dressing well

“I have to say, it’s always about structure for your body. Our bodies are COMPLETELY different, we’ve got lumps and bumps on our bodies where we probably don’t want them. But the key thing is not to hide them, but to add structure so actually, it’s not going to become the prominent place. So I think tailoring is the key to dressing beautifully this season.”

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