20 JUNE 2007

Among the famous faces attending a Hollywood party this week, one guest was particularly radiant. Looking tanned and more gorgeous than ever in a classic LBD, Jennifer Aniston was in playful mode at the book promotion, throwing photographers a cheeky wink.

One of the things contributing to the Friends star's joie de vivre could be the new man in her life, British-born model Paul Sculfor. Although the 36-year-old former Essex bricklayer didn't accompany her to the party, the pair have been spotted on a string of cosy dates in LA this month in LA. Paul, who has appeared in campaigns for Levi's, Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, has been based in the US for the last decade.

While representatives for both have been quick to play down the relationship, saying it's too soon to call them an item, judging by Jen's demeanour this week, something is definitely giving her a boost.

She's certainly had plenty to smile about lately. Her directorial debut Room 101 picked up best short film prize at the CineVegas Film Festival last weekend and, with three films in the pipeline, she's clearly as popular as ever as a leading lady.

More good news for the 38-year-old actress is the fact that one of the big screen offerings, Wanted - in which she plays a framed cop who plots her escape from prison - is due to be filmed in LA. That should give her plenty of opportunity to catch up with her new beau between takes.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
There was no mistaking the former Friends star's joie de vivre as she attended a party in LA this weekPhoto: © Rex
Photo: © Alphapress.com
The actress, stunning in a classic LBD, has been in the headlines after striking up a relationship with British-born model Paul SculforPhoto: © Getty Images