For once there was no sorcery involved when Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe found himself seeing double. The actor's duplicate moment came when he bumped into Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda Marchant on the red carpet at the London premiere of his new film December Boys.

The 19-year-old reality TV contestant siblings, who were dressed in matching scarlet dresses, are hoping to set the charts alight with their cover of Aqua hit Barbie Girl. For now, though, the pretty pair from Newcastle-under-Lyme are clearly determined to make the most of their new-found celebrity status by cosying up to one of the hottest young talents around.

Being a centre of attention for the ladies is something Daniel has had to get used to recently. Since taking on more adult acting roles the 18-year-old has been magically transformed from boy-wizard to hunky pin up. And he's certainly proving a big hit with hellomagazine.com readers, who've placed him as a frontrunner in this month's most attractive man vote.

December Boys, which is set in Australia, features Dan as one of four orphaned pals who escape from the home to a beach resort. There the links between the boys are tested as it emerges that a local couple are looking to adopt.

Photo: © Alphapress.com
The Harry Potter star, who plays an orphan in his latest big screen outing December Boys, had a lady on each arm at the screening after bumping into Big Brother twins Sam and Amanda on the red carpetPhoto: © Rex
Photo: © Alphapress.com
Since his move into more adult roles Daniel has attracted legions of female admirers, a trend reflected by his leading position in our most attractive men of the month poll. Among excited fans awaiting him at the screening was one bearing a banner pleading "Marry me Dan!" Photo: © Getty Images