An energetic throw-about in the park was a sure way to keep ten-year-old Maya and her brother Levon warm on a chilly New York afternoon
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Ethan and Uma's children were later joined by the actor's new wife Ryan and their little sister, five-month-old Clementine
Photo: Rex

Ethan spends time with his and Uma's kids during park kickabout

16 DECEMBER 2008
Making sure the children from his first marriage - Maya, ten, and six-year-old Levon - don't feel left out following the birth of their baby sister, Ethan Hawke spent special 'daddy' time with them at the weekend over an animated game of catch.

The Oscar-nominated actor - whose new wife Ryan Shawhughes, the children's former nanny, presented him with daughter Clementine five months ago - had taken the youngsters along with him to a local park in his native New York.

And as they tossed a junior American football around between them it was evident that Maya in particular resembles her movie star mum Uma Thurman. Tall for her age, with long blonde hair and an infectious smile, the little girl lit up the overcast day.

Also part of the family outing was a visit to stock up on reading material for the children, showing Ethan had found the perfect balance between fun and educational activities.

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