31 DECEMBER 2008

Adrian Grenier became a heart-throb after navigating the shark-infested waters of the New York fashion scene with Anne Hathaway. He came face to face with an altogether gentler sea creature though when he swam with dolphins during a visit Down Under.

The meeting with the friendly mammals brought a smile to the actor's face during a day of relaxation at Sea World in Gold Coast city, just south of Brisbane.

It was a welcome change of pace for Adrian, whose passion for the natural world is such that he fronts Alter Eco, a show encouraging viewers to adopt environmentally friendly measures as part of their lifestyle.

In the last few days the 32-year-old, who's also an accomplished musician, has been touring Oz with his glamrock ukulele outfit, the Honey Brothers, drawing enthusiastic female fans to packed gigs.

On New Year's Eve, the hunk can expect to be mobbed again when he performs with the lads at Brisbane nightspot Zuri. Adrian - who also stars in Entourage, a hip US TV show about a group of wannabe actors trying to make it big – will be the main attraction at the club's Vegas-themed do.

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The Hollywood star, who first came to the public's attention in fashion flick The Devil Wears Prada, had a friendly encounter with the denizens of Sea World in AustraliaPhoto: © Getty Images
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Actor/musician Adrian, who fronts green show Alter Eco, has played a series of gigs packed with female fans with his band The Honey Brothers during a southern hemisphere tourPhoto: © Getty Images