12 FEBRUARY 2009

Having given a home to six rescue dogs, kind-hearted Katherine Heigl is something of a serial dog-adopter. And as she gazed entranced into the eyes of a black and white puppy on Wednesday there seemed a good chance the number of canine residents in the Heigl house could increase.

The Greys Anatomy actress was bringing star power to an LA dog rescue event entitled Mutts To Melrose, held at a new pet store aiming to raise awareness of shelter animals needing a permanent home by collecting them together.

And it wasn't just Katherine who was won over by the puppies. Her musician husband of one year, Josh Kelley, couldn’t resist a quick cuddle.

The 30-year-old seems to have converted her other half to her adoption policy. After recently revealing how many dogs she has taken in, Katherine joked: "I think my husband's ready to kill me," before adding: "But you know what? The last one was his idea".

Photo: PA
Dog lover Katherine seemed especially taken with this little fella when she visited a store which aims to rehouse rescue animals
Photo: PA
Her husband Josh was obviously equally enchanted by the loveable pooches