20 MARCH 2009

Hugh Laurie has done it, as has Simon Cowell. Now debonair British actor Nigel Havers could make his mark on the other side of the Atlantic in an intriguing role as Sally Field's love interest in TV series Brothers And Sisters.

At the age of 59, the actor is delighted with his breakthrough part on the US small screen alongside a stellar cast, which includes Calista Flockhart, Rob Lowe and Rachel Griffiths.

"I've been playing a very famous British architect, who is Sally Field's boyfriend – her toyboy, of course," jokes Nigel of the 62-year-old actress. "I'm loving it. (She) is a very smart lady and a wonderful actress."

The Emmy-winning drama revolves around the lives and loves of the Walkers, an LA family struggling with addiction issues, infidelity, incest and dirty business dealings.

The British charmer is set to shake things up in US family drama Brothers And Sisters, which airs in the UK from March 24. He plays an old flame of leading lady Sally Field, whose reappearance in her life comes as something of a shock