21 APRIL 2009

When Stephen Fry found himself on the same American studio lot as his former comic partner Hugh Laurie he couldn't resist indulging in a little friendly sabotage.

The British comedian, who formed the successful comedy duo Fry and Laurie with his old pal, and also starred with him in Jeeves And Wooster and Blackadder, has recently been working on the same lot as Hugh while lensing US crime drama Bones.

With House star Hugh having received praise for his TV role, in particular for his American accent, Stephen came up with a small linguistical challenge for him.

"When I arrive on the set to visit him he has to speak English to me. He can't speak in his American accent," explained the 51-year-old.

"Most of the day he stays in his American persona, so it's quite difficult because I force him back into Englishness," he revealed.

Photo: Rex
QI host Stephen - pictured with his old comic partner and friend Hugh in 1990 - revealed that he has made it harder for the House star to maintain his highly praised American accent by forcing him to revert to his British one when they come across each other on the LA lot where they are both working