Katherine Heigl and musician husband to adopt baby from Korea

Katherine and her musician husband Josh are adopting a little girl from Korea, the actress' rep has confirmed
 Photo: © Rex

Nearly two years after their wedding and Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley are preparing to add to their family.

The Grey's Anatomy star and her musician husband have started the process of adopting a daughter from Korea, the actress's rep has confirmed.

It is being reported that the child is a ten-month-old little girl named Naleigh, nicknamed Leigh for short, and that Katherine and Josh have been working through the adoption process for around six months.

Thirty-year-old Katherine's rep would not confirm any details, however.

In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, airing on Friday, the Knocked Up beauty reveals more about the newest member to her family, RTI reports.

"She was actually born the day before me in November which I thought was really serendipitous and just kind of like a sign," she tells the popular chat show host.

"I realised just recently that I basically forfeited my birthday for the rest of my life."

Katherine's own sister Meg was adopted from Korea, and the star has cited her as inspiration in the past.

"It's (adoption) is definitely something we've talked about and want to do," she has said. "I want to honour her and her part in my life. I think adoption is a hugely important thing."