David Wicks returning to EastEnders 20 years after his first appearance

David Wicks, one of EastEnders most famous residents, is returning to Albert Square. Now 20 years since his first appearance on the soap, Michael French is reprising his role as the notorious womaniser later on this year.

David briefly made an appearance in 2012 to be at the deathbed of his mum Pat, and is set to return soon to cause a stir among the residents of Walford.


"It's an absolute honour to have Michael back in the show," said Lorraine Newman, EastEnders' executive producer. "Michael created an iconic character in David and with such rich history with Ian, Bianca and of course Carol, there's plenty to explore in the future."

During his original stint on the BBC 1 show, between 1993 and 1996, David's biggest storyline saw him having an affair with Cindy Beale — played by Michelle Collins — the wife of his half-brother Ian (Adam Woodyatt). Cindy even hired a hit man to kill husband Ian, although he did of course survive the assassination attempt.

When David returned to the soap last year to visit his mum Pat, he reignited a romance with Carol — Lindsey Coulson — but on the night they were meant to disappear together, David left alone, leaving Carol heartbroken.

Since his departure, David has tried to get in contact with Carol, but her brother Derek Branning (Jamie Foreman) intercepted his letters and hid them. It wasn't until after Derek died that Carol realised, but too much time had passed for her to act.

Long-term viewers of the show might remember when David first arrived in Walford in 1994, and quickly struck up a relationship with Bianca Jackson — Patsy Palmer — but soon found out she was his daughter. He then moved on to the likes of Sam Mitchell and Cindy Beale.