Made in Chelsea's Andy tells ex-girlfriend Louise he wishes he could 'delete' her

Made in Chelsea stars Andy Jordan and Louise Thompson didn't mince their words as they fired insults at each other on Monday night's episode.

Andy and Louise, who called time on their relationship a few episodes back, are filmed meeting up on two occasions, to discuss their failed romance and mutual feelings of disgust.

In the last series, Louise and Andy came head to head when the brunette hunk found out that Louise had spent the night with a mystery man from a pop band. While Louise insisted that nothing had happened, Andy finds out in Monday's episode that his ex-girlfriend has since been meeting up with the same man in question since their split.


"Spencer told me that you got with the person that you did or didn't cheat with me and have been going back there," Andy is filmed telling Louise.

After much badgering, Louise is forced to admit her actions. "OK, fine, I slept with him," said the Edinburgh-university graduate. "Don't get angry, it's so offensive. It's much better to just ignore stuff and move on."

"I just wish I could delete you," replied a menacing Andy. "You will be on your own forever if this is how you behave."

The tables turned however when Louise later finds out that Andy hasn't been on his best behaviour since the pair broke up. Andy is filmed chatting to co-star Lucy Watson at a bar, and gets the shock of his life when a girl he "tried to have sex with" walks in.

"I might have tried," Andy told Lucy. "I don't remember. I'm panicking." He then admits that he gave the blonde girl some of Louise's clothes to wear the next day, which she'd left at his house.


Apart from the girl in the bar, Andy also reveals that he's kissed several girls since his break-up, but can't remember their names.

"I don't have a heart anymore," Andy reasoned to Lucy. "She took that away from me."

When Lucy informs Louise of the situation, Louise storms up to her ex-boyfriend and the blonde girl for a final showdown. "First of all, I'd love my ****ing jumper back, then get out of my ****ing seat," said Louise as she shove the girl off her chair.

"You've been going around sleeping with random sluts," said Louise, confronting Andy. "You're disgusting. You're following in Spencer's footsteps."

"I'm lost. I'm unhappy," replied Andy, blaming his ex-girlfriend for his heartache. "I'm not going to have a relationship probably ever again after the mess we ended up in."

Monday's episode clearly evoked fresh dislike from Louise, as she took to Twitter to vent her feelings. "Cry me a river Andy Jordan. Total hypocrite," wrote the television star.