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Friends: Best moments ten years on

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It's ten years since viewers around the world said goodbye to their favourite Friends - Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe - and the zany goings on at Central Perk. On May 6, 2004, 50 million fans tuned in to see Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and their pals bow out with an episode aptly titled The Last One. Scroll down to vote on your favourite episodeIn case you still miss Rachel's haircut, singing along to Smelly Cat and Joey's witless observations here are some of the best moments from the series that defined sit coms.

Top episode: The One With UnagiWhen Rachel and Phoebe take a self-defense class, Ross decides to teach them a method of staying alert taken from karate - which he hilariously pronounces ka-ra-tay. He says it's called 'unagi'. Unfortunately, this is actually a Japanese delicacy - leading Rachel to shout "Ah … salmon skin roll", all the time much to his annoyance.Catchphrases were a staple of the show - "How you doin'?" or "Oh. My. God" spring to mind.
Top episode: The One With the Prom VideoA throwback home video of Rachel and Monica's prom, complete with comedy 'tache, reveals how long Ross has loved Rachel and she strides across the apartment and plants a huge kiss on him.
Top episode: The One With the RumorBrad Pitt makes an appearance in this one - that's pretty much all you need to know. Cameos by well-known faces were one of the treats of the show, which also featured Bruce Willis, Julia Roberts, Elle Macpherson and George Clooney but this was obviously one of the most popular. Brad, then married to Jen, played an old school colleague who confessed that he co-founded the 'We hate Rachel Club' because he hated her back in the day.
Top episode: The One With Phoebe's weddingA snow storm scuppered Phoebe's plans for her wedding to Mike, played by Paul Rudd. The gang got together to hold the ceremony on the street outside amid the snow flakes.
Top episode: The One With All the Cheesecakes

Rachel and Chandler become addicted to a dessert that actually belongs to their neighbour. "We are dessert stealers! We're living outside the law!" as they pair scrabble about on the floor.

Top episode: The One Where Everybody Finds Out

Monica and Chandler are desperately trying to keep their relationship a secret. Unbeknownst to lovers their friends are wise to the situation and are toying with them. To rile Monica, Phoebe engineers a 'date'with Chandler, on which she ineptly attempts to seduce him, using her assets.

Top episode: The One Where No One's ReadyThe beauty of Friends was in the cast's incredible comic timing and the genuine warmth on set that allowed them to bounce off each other's crazy energy. This came across in this one when Ross was trying to get everyone dressed and out of the door for an important banquet. Phoebe stains her dress, Monica is in a tizz over an awkward voicemail she left on her ex Richard's answer machine, Rachel can't decide what to wear, and Joey and Chandler have one of their rows.
Top episode: The One With the EmbryosIn one of the most iconic moments, the boys and girls face off in a game show featuring stupid questions designed by Ross. The prize? Who gets to ownership of the girls' cushy apartment.The girls lose but the episode ends on a joyful note when Phoebe finds out she is pregnant with her brother and his wife's triplets.

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