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Julia Roberts and Pretty Woman cast reveal on set secrets at 25-year reunion

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Fans of the 1990 classic Pretty Woman were given a welcome treat on Tuesday, as the cast of the hit romantic comedy, including the film's stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, reunited on the TODAY show. Host Matt Lauer chatted with the excited bunch, who revealed that they hadn't seen each other in over two decades.

"It feels like 45 years," Richard joked. "But like I said, that was two marriages ago for me."

prettywoman 3

As well as the reunion being a catch-up for the stars, they also revealed secrets from the set.

The film was originally pitched as a cautionary tale of drug use, but after Disney and director Gary Marshall came on board, the film became more light-hearted.

Julia, who played Vivien and had been cast for the darker tale, had to re-audition and luckily landed the part again before screen-testing with male actors to find her leading man.


Richard, who played wealthy businessman Edward, admitted that he initially passed on the script a few times until he met Julia and realised they had great chemistry.

Many of the fan's favourite scenes also have sweet backstories to them. When Matt asked the on-screen couple about their famous jewellery box scene - Edward gifts Vivien with a stunning necklace but snaps the box shut on her fingers - they said it was actually a prank set up by director Gary Marshall.

"I do gag reel stuff," Gary said. "So he snapped it, but she laughed so well that people said to leave it in the movie."

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Gary also told the story of when Julia went underwater in the bathtub scene and he had the entire cast and crew leave the set. "Where did you go," Julia says in an unseen outtake. "Everybody left!"

Laura San Giacomo also joined Julia, Richard, Gary, and Hector Elizondo at the reunion, and recalled how her supporting role as Julia's best friend Kit garnered a lot of attention.

"When women come and talk to me about loving this movie they talk about that friendship," she admitted