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Fights and flirtation in Made in Chelsea

After last week’s loved-up holiday in Barbados, the Made in Chelsea cast finally touched down in London

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After last week's loved-up holiday in Barbados, the Made in Chelsea cast finally touched down in London to catch up with the rest of the Chelsea elite in episode two. The night started with Stephanie inviting Mark Francis to her flat to help redecorate ahead of her house-warming party with the girls.However, when Josh walked in, the conversation soon turned sour when he began dictating his rules for the party. "Clean drinks, no shoes and a maximum of eight girls," he demanded.Across town, new lovebirds Nicola Hughes and Alex Mytton were enjoying a day of shopping before the Irish model hinted to her boyfriend that she needed new clothes since she was staying in London longer than expected.

alex 1

Alex and new girlfriend, Nicola Hughes, are in the honeymoon stage of their relationship

"You went down pretty well in Barbados," said Alex, before Nicola said that she wanted Binky to stop talking about her and stay away.Binky's ears must have been burning as it didn't take long before her conversation with the girls at lunch became all about her ex-boyfriend and Nicola."She's feisty, she has an opinion," said Jess after spending time with the pair on holiday in Barbados. "She definitely needs to have one," added Binky."She’s like 'why are people obsessed with me?'" added Jess, much to Binky’s shock. "If I was her I'd be worried, I'd be terrified," she continued.That night, Binky and Rosie prepped for Stephanie’s house party but the excitement was short lived as Stephanie called the pair to say that the house party was cancelled and organised a club night instead.Across town, Nicola, Lauren Hutton and Millie caught up in Mayfair over drinks and discussed Jess' date with Andy that night."I think she finds him quite cringe," said Millie before Lauren said that despite his cheesy reputation, his cheekbones were incredible.Across in Notting Hill, Jess and Andy enjoyed their first date together and complimented each other on how great they look. "You look very cute with your bow," said Andy before fawning all over the blonde-haired beauty."I like hanging out with you," added Jess. But before Andy could continue his flirting techniques, Jess explained her difficult past-history with boyfriends, telling Andy that she was in love with Alex and that she felt awkward about the situation. "I'm a puzzle," she joked, as Andy is stunned by her confession.Later that night, Binky, Tiff, Stephanie and Rosie ran into Nicola, Lauren and Millie and the catty insults soon began, with comments about hair, outfits and attitude being thrown at each other."Binky's notoriously not clever," joked Lauren as Nicola added that she doesn't like the fact that Binky was talking about her behind her back. When the two finally met at the bar, the bitterness soon turned to pleasantries as they got to know each other.

alex 2

Nicola isn't happy with Binky talking about her behind her back

"Him and I have our own past," said Binky before Nicola patronisingly emphasised that Binky's relationship with Alex was a long time ago. With well wishes to have a good night and smiles, the pair said goodbye and continued with their girly evenings out.The next day, Stephanie asked Tiff over to her flat and explained that she is upset in her relationship with Josh and annoyed that he told Proudlock and Stevie about their problems."I was like, 'Are you kidding, you went to Stevie?'" she revealed before adding that she thought too many people wanted their relationship to fail.Across town, Proudlock, Binky, Lauren and Spencer Matthews met up over brunch and discussed the awkward moment when Binky met Nicola the previous night.Lauren said to Binky that she thinks Nicola pities her. "He was a bit of a bad boyfriend and he’s being quite a good boyfriend with her so I think she’s trying to empathise. Oh, am I sounding like a sh** stirrer?" she joked, much to Binky's annoyance.Failed relationships seem to be the topic of conversation as Spencer compared Stephanie and Josh's relationship to "foie gras"; one that is rammed down the throat."In your face Steph Pratt," added Lauren while laughing, obviously still annoyed at Steph’s "meddling" last year.Spending some quality time shopping with the boys, Nicola said that Binky was being "weirdly nice" when they met and that she thought the fake niceties was contagious as she was unintentionally being nice to Binky as well."I can see some kind of battle brewing here," joked Alex, before Nicola revealed that she would call Binky out on her fake attitude if it continued.That afternoon, Stephanie and Josh finally discussed their problems. "I didn't mean to hurt you, I thought we'd talk about our issues and be fine," he said as Stephanie broke down in tears.


Stephanie has only just moved out with Josh, but everything is far from 'home sweet home'

"You're so grumpy and miserable. I don't want to annoy you so I don’t talk. It's just a miserable house. I don't know why you're so unhappy," she added, before saying that she thought it was best to go on a break and move into her own flat for a while.That evening, the MIC cast meet to have drinks at a private ballet performance. Lauren told all to Nicola and Millie about her brunch date with Binky. "She actually said that she felt sorry for you instead," she revealed, clearly intensifying Nicola's anger.Across the room, Andy caught up with Jess and told her that he enjoyed their date and has already asked Alex if him and Nicola would like to join them on a second date. Having already expressed to Andy that she had feelings for Alex, Jess is shocked but agrees to the idea.Regretting not kissing Jess, Andy awkwardly tells her that he wishes he could kiss her and then but the situation is saved by Jamie and Alex interrupting his attempt to woo her.Stephanie and Josh finally bumped into each other that night and Josh apologised for his strict rules in the flat. "I've been unfair treating you as a house guest and not as someone who lives with me," he said. Having finally made up and Josh agreeing to 'loosen the reins'; Lauren sauntered over with Spencer to express her concern at Stephanie and Josh’s relationship problems.


Lauren said that her and Spencer are as "happy as they have ever been"

"We heard about the little fights you've been having," she said before adding that her and Spencer are as "happy as they have ever been"."Oh and smug as ever," joked Stephanie, as the couples awkwardly smiled at one another.As the night drew to a close, Nicola approaches Binky and pulled her out on her apparent fake behaviour."I didn't think it was genuine the other night, I think it was quite fake," she said, in front of Alex, before Binky swiftly replied: "There's no reason for me to not like you."While Nicola attempted to say that Alex doesn't deserve the bad reputation that Binky has spread around Chelsea, Binky pointed out that, "he has deserved the reputation he has got," before politely asking Nicola to put the conversation to bed and wished them a lovely evening.Made in Chelsea continues next Monday on E4 at 9pm.

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