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Spencer Matthews introduces girlfriend to MIC cast mates

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After last week’s dramatic Made in Chelsea ending, the London elite returned on Monday with more drama, tears and lies.

After travelling to the south of France, Ibiza and Scotland to introduce her to the family, Spencer finally revealed that he was going out with a new girl called Lauren.

“She’s my girlfriend mate,” before Andy and the boys joked about the lothario finally being faithful, to which he swore that he was.

spencer and lauren

Spencer has finally introduced Lauren to his friends 

Across town, Binky Felstead met up with loved-up couple, Alik and Louise, to explain how things got “heated” between her and Fran.“

I can’t imagine living with someone that I couldn’t even trust,” said Louise, following Fran telling Lucy that Binky knew about her rendez-vous with Sam Thompson last week. Back with the boys, Andy and Jamie said that they were living together before Alex Mytton received a text from Fran saying she was feeling down and wanted to catch up for a chat.

Hoping to patch things up with HELLO! Online blogger, Lucy Watson, Sam met up for a coffee with the Tiff’s sister. “I’m completely besotted with her,” said Sam before Lucy warned that he cannot mess things up with Tiff.

Playing the doting boyfriend, Spencer met up with new girlfriend Lauren Frazer-Hutton in Knightsbridge. “I’m really punching above my weight,” he said before his new girl admitted that she wanted to meet his friends.

spencer matthews

Spencer seems besotted with his new girlfriend

Enjoying a catch up with ex-girlfriend, Lucy, Spencer invited her over for drinks to meet his new love.“

I feel like I’ve kind of grown up,” said Spencer, reminiscing about his previous relationship with Stephanie Pratt before Lucy said that she didn’t have a “good vibe” and her friend’s quickly developing relationship with Stevie’s friend, Josh Shepherd.

Steph and Josh met up later that day and agreed to meet Spencer for drinks but Josh was weary that Lucy didn’t trust him.“She thinks you lied to Stevie about going out with me,” said Stephanie before warning that if he didn’t get on with her best friend then they would have “serious problems”.

Drinks were activity of the afternoon as Fran met with Jamie and Alex to talk about her issues with Binky.“

She will have a big blow and then that will be in and a week later she will be fine,” ranted Alex as Fran and Jamie remained quiet. “I don’t envy you at all,” said Binky’s ex-boyfriend. That night, the cast mates met up for drinks and Andy and Jamie revealed that they were jealous of Spencer’s new relationship.

“Hot, mysterious girl,” commented Andy as the new couple walked up to them. Spencer revealed that Lauren was still popular with her ex-boyfriends.

spencer matthews lauren crazy golf

The duo have been dating for several months 

No L-bombs,” said Lauren before revealing that Spencer said he loved her on the phone the other day, much to his embarrassment. Across the room, Lucy confronted Stephanie’s new boyfriend and made up with him, saying that “if Stevie can get over it then so can I”.

Spencer then introduced his new girlfriend to his ex-girlfriends Stephanie and Lucy, before talking about his “colourful past” with the duo. “I want him to do well and be a nice person,” said Lucy, much to Stephanie’s bemusement.

The next day, Jamie revealed to Binky that Fran had met with him and Alex which infuriated Binky.

Across town, Josh met up with Spencer and Alex, who was accused of being “whipped” by Stephanie before the boys teased Spencer about him allowing his new girlfriend to be in the same room to his ex-girlfriends.

Over in Chelsea, Stephanie met up with Lauren for drinks, with Spencer’s girlfriend revealing that he was “so sweet”. But Stephanie soon revealed that he was very good at lying.

“If he ever texts you saying ‘I’m thinking of you’ it means he’s cheated on you,” said Stephanie, before revealing about Spencer cheating on her, sleeping with someone while on holiday with Lucy and saying that “he can’t help it”.

The change has to come from within him,” said Lauren, saying that if he puts a step out of line then she will be done with him. Binky then bumped into Fran and said that her housemate was betraying her by speaking to her ex-boyfriend. The conversation soon turned heated with the girls screaming across the front door to each other. Later that night, the MIC gang met up at a gig and Stephanie said that her afternoon with Lauren hadn’t gone as well as she had hoped, called her “smug” about thinking she was the girl that would make the lothario finally change. “It’s a right of passage to be on of Spencer’s girlfriends and warn the next one,” said Stephanie.

josh shepherd1

Josh admitted that he was in love with Stephanie 

While catching up with the boys, Spencer said that he wanted a “boys’ day marathon” before Josh said that he loved Stephanie and had admitted it to her.

Across the gig, Binky confronted Fran and Alex about their new-found friendship and admitted that he found the whole thing hurtful.

I don’t want to live with you,” said Binky, before Alex said that he thinks that he made things between the friends much worse.

 Confrontation was the topic of the night with Lauren saying that her conversation with Stephanie revealed a lot of home truths about Spencer but she was deciding to ignore them.“

I don’t really want to change you,” said Lauren before agreeing that it felt right between them. “Thank you for the trust,” said Spencer.

Tune in next Monday at 9pm on E4 for more Made in Chelsea drama.