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Sam cheats on Tiff in Made in Chelsea episode nine

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Made in Chelsea returned to our screens on Monday with Spencer Matthews inviting all the boys for a “Big boys one” to party while Louise Thompson planned a girly spa weekend with her friends. Meanwhile, Will dropped off a training programme for Binky Felstead while Fran dropped the bombshell that his love interest was now training with his best friend, Logan. In the park, Logan revealed to Binky that Sam Thompson was kissing a girl that was “one hundred per cent” not his girlfriend Tiff.



 Sam shocked his friends by admitting he had cheated on his girlfriend, Tiff Watson

As the boys got suited and booted for their night out, Louise called up the girls, including Spencer’s new love Lauren Frazer-Hutton who was weary of meeting up with Stephanie Pratt following their talk about Spencer’s cheating ways.Across town, Binky revealed that Sam was with another girl following Tiff’s birthday night, shocking Lucy’s sister. “He couldn’t have been,” she said as Stephanie hugged her.While the boys sipped on their whiskey, Spencer told the boys that Stephanie had been overly open about his cheating past. “Fortunately it didn’t matter,” said Spencer, while Jamie Laing suggested that Stephanie seemed jealous. The lothario then admitted that his new girlfriend was impressed with his impressive track record of apparently cheatingonHELLO! Online blogger Lucy Watson while on a romantic trip to Barcelona. During the girly spa getaway, Lauren admitted that her previous boyfriend was worse that Spencer. “

He’s just been a gentleman,” she said, to an angry Stephanie. “It’s been four [girlfriends] since me and they’ve all ended awfully,” said Louise to Binky and Stephanie when Lauren left the room. “Did you or did you not kiss this girl,” said Sam while Louise’s brother swore that it wasn’t true. Seconds later, Sam revealed that he kissed another girl on Tiff’s birthday night out, much to the boys' shock.

spencer matthews lauren crazy golf

Lauren and Spencer have been dating for several months

At the spa weekend, Louise said that she felt embarrassed and disappointed at her brother’s behaviour as Tiff revealed that her boyfriend had recently said that he envisaged them spending years together. Josh then called Stephanie to reveal that Spencer and the boys had suggested she was jealous of his new relationship and said that Lauren had said that she would’ve high fived Spencer after cheating on Lucy. Back on the boys’ night out,

 Stevie and Stevie told Josh that Stephanie falls in love easily and joked about her over staying her welcome in London.Meanwhile on the spa weekend, Stephanie confronted Lauren on her comments while Lauren said that she “wasn’t cool on cheating”. “The jury is out,” replied Stephanie, unsure as to whether to believe the brunette beauty. In a hungover state, Josh and Stevie met up with Tiff for brunch with Tiff revealing that Sam was devastated for being caught lying, not for cheating on her. At lunch with his sister later that day, Sam admitted to his sister that he blew it with Tiff with Louise admitting that she was concerned by his nights out with friends including Spencer and Jamie who have led him astray.


Sam Thompson was ashamed at his cheating behaviour

The next day, Logan and Binky enjoyed a breakfast after their training but were soon interrupted by Will who admitted to his friend that he was annoyed at him going behind is back.“At the end of the day, we are mates,” Logan said, referring to his friendship with Binky before Will walked out. That night, Louise had organized a couples’ meal out with Alik, Josh, Stephanie, Spencer and Lauren which was deemed “awkward” by Jamie and his friends.Binky then dropped the bombshell that Josh and Stephanie were planning on moving in together, shocking her ex-boyfriend Stevie, while Louise’s friends sat in silence at their dinner date.Meanwhile, Sam bumped into Tiff and apologized for cheating on her. “I’m upset because you might never talk to me again,” said Sam, while Tiff said that she would never be in his life again and felt disrespected by her ex-boyfriend.

tiff bday

Sam is said to have cheated on Tiff after her birthday night out

Back at the meal, the friends began arguing while Stephanie said that Lauren high fiving Spencer’s cheating ways was the same as her congratulating Louise on cheating on Alik. Things got worse as Lauren insinuated that Stephanie was insecure in her relationship with Josh.“I’m going to take a big break from you guys and never help anyone else,” said Stephanie before Lauren admitted it being the “best news” she’d heard all day. Tune in next Monday at 9pm on E4 for more MIC drama.

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